'Nature and art, they seem to shun each other
   Yet in a trice can draw back close once more'
        J.W. Goethe

This project was realized in collaboration with Yana Mohanty, San Diego.


Mirror solids

We attached mirror surfaces to the faces of Archimedean and Platonic solids. Looking inside a psychedelic landscape reveals itself. Its fractal geometry is reminiscent of the view into hyperbolic three manifolds. The images below were taken with a panoramic camera.


Stereographic projections

When you attach mirror surfaces to the faces of a regular solid, and you look inside, the result is mesmerizing. We explore the experience through the eye of a spherical camera placed near the center of the solid. The final image is approximately the stereographic projection from the “pole” through which the camera is placed. Careful placement of the camera allows us to see its fascinating symmetries.


AMS Math Imagery, Homepage of the AMS, Mirror Archimedean solids from the ICERM exhibition: March 2020

JMM Art Exhibition, Joint Mathematics Meetings 2020, Denver, Colorado: January 2020

Illustrating Mathematics Program, ICERM, Brown University, Providence: September - December 2019