Math 547 (Linear Algebra with Applications) Summer 2014, UNC-Chapel Hill

    Class Timings : Monday to Friday 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, Phillips 383
    Textbook : Linear Algebra with Applications (5th Edition) by Otto Bretscher
    Instructor : Nishant Malik
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 3:00-4:15, Chapman 430
    For students with valid reasons to not be able to use the above office hours, appointments can also be made by writing an email to the instructor.
    Email :


    The topics we will be covering during this course includes --
    • Solutions of system of linear equations and Matrix Algebra.
    • Linear transformations, Bases and Dimensions.
    • Linear Spaces, Orthogonal Projections and Matrix Factorization.
    • Determinants, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors.
    • Symmetric Matrices, Quadratic Forms and SVD (Time Permitting).
    That is we will be covering chapter 1 to 7 of the above stated textbook in detail. Chapter 8 is optional and will only be covered if time permits.


    Math 233 or 283 or the equivalent.


    1. Three CLASS IN EXAMS (1 hour long) of 15 % each. Score of the best two out of the three will be included in the final grades i.e., these class exams will account for 30 % of the total grades.
    2. Three QUIZZES (20 min long) of 5% each. These will be surprise quizzes i.e., with no prior schedule.
    3. Homework will account for 15% of the total grades.
    4. Final exam (3 hour long) would account for the remaining 40 %.

    Exam Schedule:

    1. First class in Exam : 30 June 2014.
    2. Second class in Exam : 7 July 2014.
    3. Third Class in Exam : 14 July 2014.
    4. Final Exam : 24 July 2014, 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

    Homework :

    Homework will be given twice a week (five to ten problems). A homework will be due in one week after it is assigned unless otherwise specified. Submit homework to the instructor after the class or during the office hours. Homework sheets will be uploaded periodically onto this page.


    Resources :

    Videos :
    MIT Course Number 18.06 (Linear Algebra) by Professor Gilbert Strang
    Khan Academy course on Linear Algebra
    Princeton University by Adrian Banner
    Notes :
    Terence Tao. UCLA
    Tom Denton and Andrew Waldron, UC Davis
    David Lerner, Department of Mathematics, University of Kansas
    Books :
    Jim Hefferon, Mathematics Department, Saint Michael's College
    Robert A. Beezer, University of Puget Sound
    Sergei Treil, Department of Mathematics, Brown University
    Visualization :
    Math Insight: Applets designed to explain mathematical concepts.
    drawLA Toolbox for MATLAB: created to facilitate visualization of some basic concepts of Linear Algebra.

    Homework sheets :

    Homework Sheet 1
    Posted on: 06/23/2014
    Due on: 06/30/2014

    Homework Sheet 2
    Posted on: 06/26/2014
    Due on: 07/03/2014

    Homework Sheet 3
    Posted on: 06/30/2014
    Due on: 07/07/2014

    Homework Sheet 4
    Posted on: 07/03/2014
    Due on: 07/10/2014

    Homework Sheet 5
    Posted on: 07/09/2014
    Due on: 07/16/2014

    Homework Sheet 6
    Posted on: 07/11/2014
    Due on: 07/18/2014

    Do not turn in

    Do not turn in

    Quizzes and Exams with solutions :

    QUIZ NO. 1

    EXAM NO. 1

    QUIZ NO. 2

    EXAM NO. 2

    QUIZ NO. 3

    EXAM NO. 3

    * Any exam or quiz posted here has already been graded. Students should collect their graded answer sheets from the instructer during the above stated office hours.