Samantha Allen

Me at the JMM in San Diego About me:

I am currently a John Wesley Young Research Instructor (postdoc) in mathematics at Dartmouth College. My research interests lie in the field of low-dimensional topology. In particular, I am interested in knot theory in dimensions 3 and 4.

Before coming to Dartmouth, I completed my PhD in mathematics at Indiana University advised by Charles Livingston.

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Recent and Upcoming Talks:

Rutgers Topology Seminar (April 2021)

Joint Mathematics Meeting, AMS Special Session on Low Dimensional Topology, Joint Mathematics Meetings (January 2021)

Boston College Geometry/Topology/Dynamics Virtual Seminar (November 2020)

Algebraic and Geometric Topology Seminar, Univeristy of Nevada, Reno (November 2020)

For a full list of talks, see my CV.

Contact details:

Email: samantha.g.allen [𝔞𝔱] dartmouth [𝔡𝔬𝔱] edu

Dartmouth College
Department of Mathematics
6188 Kemeny Hall
Hanover, NH 03755