Running Blurb BookSmart on Linux

Last tested: BookSmart 3.4.9, Ubuntu 17.04.
Requires old Sun/Oracle Java 1.6.

  1. Get BookSmart:
    Download BookSmart for Mac from
    Unpack downloaded .dmg file with 7z (p7zip-full package in Ubuntu):
    7z x BookSmart_3.4.9.dmg
    From BookSmart_3.4.9/
    copy lib/ and resources/ directories to, for example, booksmart/ directory in your Linux user's home:
  2. Create a shell script ‘bsmart’ to start BookSmart:
    cd ~/booksmart/
    for jar in lib/*.jar; do classpath=$classpath:$jar; done
    java -classpath $classpath com.blurb.booksmart.application.BookSmart
  3. Run bsmart, and the BookSmart splash and main window will appear after some time — it may look like nothing is happening, as there is no visual startup feedback, so be patient…

May 2017. Šarūnas Burdulis.