Dartmouth Ruzicka fonts in LaTeX

Fonts can be downloaded from the Office of Communications website. The zip-file should contain four TrueType fonts:



Double-click on downloaded .ttf and that should invoke a font management utility. If not, copy all four .ttf files into one of these directories:  ~/.fonts/, /usr/local/share/fonts/
Check with:  $ fc-list | grep Ruzicka
Verify that fontspec.sty and LuaLaTeX are already available (texlive-latex-base package on Ubuntu):

$ kpsewhich fontspec.sty
$ which lualatex
Download ruzicka_demo.tex linked below and test using LuaLaTeX in your favorite GUI frontend (texworks, Texmaker etc.) or command line:
$ lualatex ruzicka_demo.tex.


Double-clicking on a font file should invoke Font Book app, which will allow to ‘Install Font’. Do this for all 4 font files.

MacTeX installation includes the necessary fontspec package as well as contemporary TeX processors such as XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX. When using one of the graphical TeX frontends (Texmaker, Texworks etc.) choose LuaLaTeX as processor. Test with ruzicka_demo.tex linked below.


Install fonts: double-clicking on .ttf files should open font preview and install window. Click Install button. Alternatively, open Control Panel, search for ‘Fonts’, then drag-and-drop all four .ttf files into window area already showing all the other fonts.

With Texlive installed, fontspec and LuaLaTeX should already be available. In TeX frontend (Texmaker, Texworks, …) choose LuaLaTeX as TeX processor and try with the ruzicka_demo.tex below.

LaTeX Example

Dartmouth Ruzicka are Unicode fonts. It's easiest to use them with the fontspec package and TeX processing engines such as XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. This is ruzicka_demo.tex. Processed with LuaLaTeX it produces this PDF.

% ruzicka_demo.tex:
% Process with xelatex or lualatex to produce PDF.


% See fontspec documentation for more options
\setmainfont{Dartmouth Ruzicka}

% Dartmouth green CMYK: 95, 0, 100, 50


% Dartmouth wordmark is a single glyph at position E0AA


Testing Dartmouth Ruzicka regular.

\textbf{Testing Dartmouth Ruzicka bold.}

\textit{Testing Dartmouth Ruzicka italic.}

\textit{\textbf{Testing Dartmouth Ruzicka bold italic.}}

\textsc{Testing Dartmouth Ruzicka small caps.}

Ligatures: fb ff fh fi fj fl ...

Unicode: Růžička ą å à á ə æ ø č ę ė į ij š ų ū ž Æ ° € …


September 2018. Šarūnas Burdulis.