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Leora Trust

Leora Trust was founded in 2012 with a focus on education of poor girls. Get involved by volunteering, donating or helping in another way. Contact Leora.

Dartmouth Interns at Leora Trust

Summer of 2017 saw 3 rising sophomores from Dartmouth go to India and spend 2 months at one of Leora Trust's partner schools that caters to children of migrant workers in the neighbouring slum.
The impact that the Dartmouth students had on the school children and the school was significant.

The impact that this experience had on the Dartmouth students was possibly more profound.

This is what Sivani Gullapali (2020) has to say about her experience:
I came to Bangalore hoping to make an impact on the kids, but in all honesty, the kids had more of an impact on me. I had been coming to India since a kid, but I have never had an experience as eye-opening as this. Working with Leora Trust allowed me to grasp the inequalities and struggles facing the country I thought I knew so well. But what surprised me the most is that even with all these odds against them, the kids I worked with never failed to find joy, laughter, and meaning in there everyday lives.

Naren Radhakrishnan (2020) giving the kids a lift up.