Dartmouth Topology Seminar
Fall 2022–Spring 2023
Thursdays 8:50-9:50 P=AM EDT
307 Kemeny Hall
Note: Special meeting times are marked in red.
Date Speaker Title
Jan 19 Gary Guth
University of Oregon
Nov 10 Jakob Hedicke
CRM and Universite de Montreal
On the existence of integrable Reeb flows
Sept 29 Colin Adams
Williams College
Generalizations of Knots to Knotoids and Way Beyond
Sept 22 Roman Golovko
Charles University Prague
On non-geometric augmentations in high dimensions and torsion of Legendrian contact homology

January 19, 2023: Gary Guth "TBA"


November 10, 2022: Jakob Hedicke "On the existence of integrable Reeb flows"

Abstract:A classical result by Bolsinov and Fomenko implies that 3-dimensional Reeb flows that are Bott-integrable, i.e. that admit a Morse-Bott function invariant under the flow, only exist on graph manifolds. We will discuss different constructions to obtain integrable Reeb flows on these manifolds and examine properties of the underlying contact structures. This talk is based on joint work with Hansjörg Geiges and Murat Sağlam.

September 29, 2022: Colin Adams "Generalizations of Knots to Knotoids and Way Beyond"

Abstract: Knotoids are a generalization of knots by Turaev in 2010 where the circle embedded in space is replaced by an interval embedded in space. They make good models for proteins and have many interesting properties. Many invariants of knots have been extended to knotoids. We extend hyperbolicity and hyperbolic volume to knotoids. We then extend knotoids to generalized knotoids which substantially increase the set of objects under consideration and have many interesting properties and sub-cases.

September 22, 2022: Roman Golovko "On non-geometric augmentations in high dimensions and torsion of Legendrian contact homology"

Abstract: We construct the augmentations of high dimensional Legendrian submanifolds of the contact Euclidean vector space which are not induced by exact Lagrangian fillings. Besides that, for an arbitrary finitely generated abelian group G, we construct the examples of Legendrian submanifolds whose integral linearized Legendrian contact (co)homology realizes G.