The BATMOBILE is a vehicle for bringing together the algebraic and tropical geometry communities of Brown and surrounding institutions for a biannual day of talks.

Sam Payne Fall 2022 @ Amherst College (September 30, 2022)

Sam Payne (University of Texas at Austin)
Cohomology of moduli spaces of curves
Matt Baker Spring 2022 @ Brown

Matt Baker (Georgia Tech)
Non-archimedean and tropical geometry, algebraic groups, moduli spaces of matroids, and the field with one element
Hannah Markwig Fall 2020 @ Brown (virtually)

Hannah Markwig (Tübingen)
Counting bitangents of plane quartics - tropical, real, and arithmetic
Dave Jensen Fall 2019 @ Brown

Dave Jensen (University of Kentucky)
Linear systems on general curves of fixed gonality
David Cox Spring 2019 @ Amherst

David Cox (Amherst College)
Geometric modeling
Josephine Yu Fall 2018 @ Yale

Josephine Yu (Georgia Tech)
Real tropicalization and analytification of semialgebraic sets
speaker Spring 2018 @ MIT

Qile Chen (Boston College)
Witten's r-spin class via logarithmic compactification
Paul Hacking Fall 2017 @ Yale

Paul Hacking (UMass Amherst)
Smoothing toric Fano varieties via mirror symmetry
Diane Maclagan Spring 2017 @ Brown

Diane Maclagan (Warick)
Tropical Schemes
Bernd Sturmfels Fall 2016 @ Brown

Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)
Nearest Points on Toric Varieties
Johannes Nicaise Spring 2016 @ Yale
Johannes Nicaise (Imperial College London)
Geometric invariants of non-archimedean semi-algebraic sets
June Huh Fall 2015 @ Yale

June Huh (Princeton/IAS)
Hodge theory for combinatorial geometries
Joe Rabinoff Spring 2015 @ Brown

Joe Rabinoff (Georgia Tech)
Uniformity of rational points and tropical geometry
Jerzy Weyman Fall 2014 @ Yale
Jerzy Weyman (University of Connecticut)
Semi-invariants of quivers, cluster algebras, and the hive model

Dan Abramovich (Brown), Kenny Ascher (UC Irvine), Asher Auel (Dartmouth), Madeline Brandt (Brown), Juliette Bruce (Brown), Melody Chan (Brown), Chris Eur (Harvard), Sarah Frei (Dartmouth), Eric Larson (Brown), Nathan Pflueger (Amherst), and Isabel Vogt (Brown).

Past organizers:
Dori Bejleri (Harvard), Angie Cueto (Ohio State), José González (UC Riverside), Brendan Hassett (Brown), Nathan Kaplan (UC Irvine), Max Kutler (Ohio State), Yuchen Liu (Northwestern), Kalina Mincheva (Tulane), Dhruv Ranganathan (Cambridge), Sam Payne (UT Austin), and Jeremy Usatine (Brown).