Math 608 Introduction to Arithmetic Geometry

Semester: Fall 2018

Graduate Course
Inst : Asher Auel
asher * auel AT yale * edu
Time : Mon Wed 1:00 - 2:15 pm
Loct : LOM 201
Office : LOM 210
Phone : (203) 432-4187
hours :

to be announced
First official class meeting is on Friday, August 31, 2018.
Informal organizational meeting on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.
Detailed course syllabus.
Problem Set 1 (updated October 14)
Final Exam

Description of course: This course will explore some of the major themes in arithmetic geometry. Topics will include Galois cohomology and descent, principal homogeneous spaces, quadratic forms and the Brauer group, Milnor K-theory, as well as the existence of rational points. Of particular interest will be varieties over finite fields, number fields, and functions fields.

Expected background: Prior experience with algebra and Galois theory will be necessary. Some exposure to algebraic geometry will be useful, but may be taken in conjunction with a beginning algebraic geometry course.

Grading: Your grade will be based on class participation, problem sets, and a final exam.