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Mixing under Rayleigh-Taylor instability

This project is a follow-up to the paper [1]. In that paper, authors derived an asymptotic model for the motion of multiphase incompressible Euler flows in 2D, subjected to Rayleigh-Taylor(RT) instability, allowing turn-over.

Matlab codes in [2] simulates the mixing phenomenon caused by RT even for immiscible fluids without diffusion. To see how to measure mixedness without diffusion, see [3].

In the movie, the top box simulates the “rocket rig” experiment (mixing of NaI solution and pentane using rocket motors), in an ensemble averaging procedure; the second box shows the occupied density in the zoom-in window averaged in all experiments; the third box shows the evolution of the mixedness in terms of $\dot{H}^{-1}$ norm; the fourth box shows the effect of artificial viscosity.

Please refer to [4] for the recent development.

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Last updated: 2022-Nov-21