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My research area is topology, contact geometry, global analysis and their applications to the mathematical physics.

My Curriculum Vitae in  PDF  format.

Teaching:   In the Fall 2016 I am teaching Math 8 “Calculus of functions of one and several variables”

Fall 2016 office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3-4:40 PM and by appointment. I am very flexible with appointments, so do not hesitate to schedule one if needed.


How to reach me:

  My Office is 304 Kemeny Hall

   Postal address:  Department of Mathematics , 6188 Kemeny Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755-3551, USA

   Telephone (+1)-603-6462421

   Fax (+1)-603-6461312

   E.mail vladimir.chernov@dartmouth.edu



September 2011