Dartmouth Math Colloquia for Fall Term, 1997

Seminars are on Thursdays at 4:00 PM in room 102, Bradley Hall.

Follow the links to get abstracts.

September 25

Eric Weinstein, MIT

The practical side of 'pure mathematics': How differential geometry can save the U.S. government 40 billion dollars a year.

October 2

Efton Park, TCU

Isometries of Noncommutative Metric Spaces

October 9

Paul Muhly, Iowa

Reflections on Filtered Algebras

October 16

Richard Laubenbacher, NMSU

The Combinatorics of Simplicial Complexes and Applications to Complex Decision Networks

October 23

Huai-Dong Cao

Ricci Flow on Kähler Manifolds

October 30

John Oprea, Cleaveland State

Algebraic Topology and the Arnold Conjecture

November 6

Richard Holmes, HIM&R, Inc.

Four Vignettes from Mathematical Finance

November 13

Chris Allday, U. Hawaii

Geometry versus topology in the study of symplectic group actions

November 20

Joe Bonin, GWU

Recent Results in External Matroid Theory