Ina Petkova
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dartmouth College

I work in low-dimensional topology, with focus on Heegaard Floer homology and its various generalizations.

Skein relations in tangle Floer homology (with M. Wong).

An introduction to tangle Floer homology (with V. Vértesi), Proceedings of the Gökova Geometry-Topology Conference 2015.

Quantum gl(1|1) and tangle Floer homology (with A. Ellis and V. Vértesi), submitted.

A self-pairing theorem for tangle Floer homology (with V. Vértesi), Algebraic & Geometric Topology, Vol.16, no.4,2016.

Combinatorial tangle Floer homology (with V. Vértesi), to appear in Geometry & Topology.

An absolute Z/2 grading on bordered Heegaard Floer homology, submitted.

The decategorification of bordered Heegaard Floer homology, to appear in Journal of Symplectic Geometry.

Cables of thin knots and bordered Heegaard Floer homology, Quantum Topology, Vol.4, no.4, 2013. arXiv version