Dartmouth Logic Seminar

Winter 2007

Logic seminar will run only for the month of January as many of the logicians will be at the University of Florida at Gainesville for the months of February and March. Rebecca Weber has offered to give a series of logic talks, not requiring much background in logic, to interested graduate students. Please contact her to find out more information.

Seminar this term will meet Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in Kemeny 108.

Jan 17
Jared Corduan
Dartmouth College
Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem
Jan 24
Rebecca Weber
Dartmouth College
Randomness for closed subsets of $2^{\omega}$
Mar 7
Rebecca Weber
Dartmouth College
Achieving noncomputable ends by computable means.

Is it possible to construct a noncomputable object computably? A central theme of computability (recursion) theory is working with incomplete information: a sequence of approximations guaranteed to be correct at some finite but unknown stage. This requires acting on speculation, knowing mistakes will be made, and setting up the construction so the mistakes may be overcome. We will survey some of these constructions. No logic background will be assumed.