Math 73/103
Measure Theory and Complex Analysis
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General Information HW Assignments

General Information

The Textbook Scheduled Lectures Instructors
Examinations Homework Policy Grades
Honor Principle Special Considerations


The following texts are recommended and not required. They will be on reserve in Baker Library.

Scheduled Lectures

MWF 2:20 - 3:15
(x-hour) Th 1:20 - 2:10
Kemeny TBA


Professor Dana P. Williams
Office: 305 Kemeny Hall
Office Hours: here
Contact via dana DOT williams AT dartmouth DOT edu.


There will a take-home midterm (date to be determined) and a take-home final Due November 20th.

Homework Policy

There will be written homework assignments every week or two.


Your grade will be based equally on the homework, midterm and final.

The Honor Principle

Collaboration on homework is permitted and encouraged, but obviously it is a violation of the honor code for someone to provide the answers for you. You are expected to write up your own solutions and acknowledge any help you received.

On exams, you may not give or receive help from anyone. You may access your course notes and the recommended texts. No other help or sources, including the internet, are allowed.

Special Considerations

Students with disabilities who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see their instructor as soon as possible.

Dana P. Williams
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