General Information


No textbook required for this course. The material will be taken from a combination of notes, research papers, and the following books:

  • [EC] R. Stanley, Enumerative Combinatorics, Vols. I and II. An online version Vol. I is available here.
  • [BS] A. Björner, R. Stanley, A Combinatorial Miscellany, available here.
  • [Bo] M. Bóna, Combinatorics of Permutations, Chapman-Hall and CRC Press, 2004.
  • [AE] G. Andrews, K. Eriksson, Integer partitions, Cambridge University Press, 2004.
  • [An] G. Andrews, The theory of partitions, Cambridge University Press, 1984.
  • [Br] D. Bressoud, Proofs and Confirmations. The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
  • [St] R. Stanley, Notes on Permutations, available here.

Scheduled Lectures

TuTh 10:10-12:00
Kemeny 006


Professor Sergi Elizalde
Office: 332 Kemeny Hall
Office Hours: here

Exams and grades

There will be no exams for this course. The course grade will be based on the homework (60%) and a presentation in class (40%).

Homework Policy

  • Homework will be assigned roughly every other week.
  • Collaboration on the homework is permitted and encouraged, but it is a violation of the honor code for someone to provide the answers for you. The solutions must be written individually.
  • Please mention on your problem set the names of the students that you worked with, and also reference any articles, books or websites if your solution takes significant ideas from them.

Special Considerations

Students with disabilities who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an appointment to see their instructor as soon as possible. Also, they should stop by the Academic Skills Center in Collis Center to register for support services.