Your final grade will be calculated using the following breakdown of your WebWork, written homework, and exam scores.

AssignmentPercent of Final Grade
Written Homework20%
Final Exam30%

Late assignments will not be accepted and extensions will not be granted without a university-approved excuse.


WebWork will be assigned at 8am on the day of the lecture covering the relevant material. Assignments are due at 11:59pm two lectures later. For example, assignments assigned Monday at 8am are due Friday at 11:59pm, and assignments assigned Wednesday at 8am are due by Monday at 11:59pm. WebWork assignments are composed of three questions and students have unlimited attempts to complete each one. If you are struggling to answer a question, you are strongly encouraged to seek help from an instructor, TA, or tutor before the deadline in order to maximize your points and ensure you understand the material. The lowest two scores will be dropped.

Written Homework

There will be written homework assignments each week (except for the week of the midterm), due Thursdays at 11:59pm. Worksheets questions will cover the previous week of lecture material. For example, the worksheet due on 1/20 will cover the lecture material from 1/10, 1/12, and 1/14. The lowest worksheet score will be dropped. For written assignments, you are required to show your work for full credit. We strongly discourage the use of calculators on written homeworks, but they are not prohibited. Calculators will be prohibited on exams, so not using them on homeworks will better prepare you to succeed on the exams.

Each homework problem will be graded out of three points. You will receive three points for a correct or nearly correct solution to a problem. (For example, minor mistakes like missing a minus sign or copying down a number incorrectly should still result in the full three points.) You will receive two points for a solution which demonstrates a healthy attempt to solve the problem. You will receive one point if your solution is significantly incomplete or shows no understanding of what the problem is asking, but does show a good-faith attempt to find an answer. Zero points will be awarded for blank or woefully incomplete answers.


All assignment grades will be available through the course's Canvas page.