Course Resources

  • This course has a Canvas page located at the link above. All in-class handouts, exam solutions, and other documents relevant to the course will appear there.
  • Your homework, quiz, and exam grades will also be listed on Canvas, but may not be weighted correctly by Canvas's gradebook. As such, if a course grade appears on Canvas, it will not be accurate.

Additional Help:
  • The Academic Skills Center sponsors study group sessions for Math 1, led by former students who have succeeded in the course in the past. To sign up, see here: Sign-Up For Study Groups
  • The Tutoring Clearinghouse matches students with tutors to provide additional one-on-one help. You can receive tutoring for up to three hours a week at no cost. To sign up, see here: Sign-Up For Tutoring

If you would like a bound, printed copy of the sections of the book we'll be using, email the Dartmouth Printing office at Your email should include the following information:
  • If you'd like black and white (\$25) or color (around \$60)
  • The type of binding you'd like (I'd recommend spiral bound)
  • A phone number where they can reach you to get a credit card number for the order (they asked that you not email them credit card numbers)
  • Attach the short version of the PDF linked on Canvas here: to the email (this version includes just the sections we're using)
When the book is ready, you'll be able to pick it up at the Hinman Pick Up Window.

Auli, Coscia, Hartman, and Tripp
Last updated September 13, 2017