Math 22: Linear Algebra with Applications

Spring 2021

Class Mechanics

This class will consist of a combination of several activities. To be successful in learning the material you have to do the following:

    Pre-recorded Videos: These videos will be posted at least 24 hours before class and available in the Canvas site for your section. You are expected to have seen the videos before your assigned class time each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
    Synchronous Sessions:: We plan to meet to do group problem sessions and discussions. Each instructor will notify their sections of how this will be done through the Canvas site.
    Participation Assignments: Each section will have several participation activities to keep you engaged in the course. Your instructor will notify you what is expected of you.
    WeBWork: After watching the videos complete the WeBWork assignment. There will be about three assignments every week. Here is the website
    Written Assignment: There will be weekly written assignments that will be graded through Gradescope. This homework is to reinforce everything you have learned during the week.

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