Math 22: Linear Algebra with Applications

Summer 2020

In this page you will find additional resources for our class. As you know due to COVID-19, we have to move to remote teaching and learning. In this page you will find information for everything that you need to facilitate our lectures and discussions.

    ZOOM: During our regularly scheduled class period we will have Zoom Meetings. Dartmouth has a license Dartmouth Zoom. You can download it for your laptop, ipad or iphone. Create an account and upload a picture of yourself for those cases that your video is unavailable due to internet connectivity issues.
    CANVAS: All the files such as slides, problem sets discussed, etc. will be available in canvas. In addition, most of the announcements will be sent from there. You will also upload your written homework to canvas.
    SCAN/PHOTOS: For submitting homework or exams, at this point, we think the easiest will be for you to work on your own paper, then scan or take photos and upload to Canvas. If you have a smart phone, there are scanning applications that you can download for free or buy.
    WeBWork: Most of the homework problems will be done using WeBWork. Here is the website

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