Math 2

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Instructor: Justin Troyka
Instructor: Katherine Moore
MWF 11:15–12:20
Tu 12:00–12:50 (x-period)
Location: 109 Dartmouth Hall
MWF 12:30–1:35
Tu 1:00–1:50 (x-period)
Location: Kemeny Hall 006
Office: 214 Kemeny Hall

Office Hours:
     Monday 12:30–1:35
     Tuesday 12:00–12:50
     Thursday 11:00–12:50
or by appointment
Office: 243 Kemeny Hall
Office Hours:
M 7:00–8:00pm
T 4:00–5:30pm
R 2:30–3:30pm
I am happy to meet Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings from 8:30-9:30am, just send me an email the day before to let me know you would like to stop by.

If your instructor's office hours do not work with your schedule, feel free to visit the other instructor or make an appointment. We'd be glad to meet with you.