The project of this class will be to find a solution to the 2x2 Rubik's cube and to understand the connection with abstract algebra.



To develop and understand a repertoire of cube moves you can use the following sheets and pictures:
cube moves 1 (.pdf in color)
cube moves 2 (.pdf w/o color)
two cubes (picture)


The following topics should be included in the essay. The list of questions will be further expanded during the term:

essay questions


white   Andres, Isabelle, Jake yellow   Andrew, Gabriel, Madison
blue   Anup, James, Michael, Robin, Xander green   Helen, Matthew, Qirong, Yifei, Yixuan
orange    Alan, Clara, Sam, Tang-e red   Andrew, Sara, Sheherzad
purple    Sophia, Hannah, Michelle


Ravi Fernando solves three cubes while juggling them
Michel Gondry solves the cube with his feet
Cayley graphs of small groups
Animals that can count
Alexander Grothendieck