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In this lecture we continue our search for differentiation formulas by computing the derivatives of the standard trig functions.

Quick Question

What are the three functions whose graphs are shown?



Outline for Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions


Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

Today's Homework

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Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions Quiz


  • Click to see the exampleConsider a circle with a central angle θ, a chord d, arc s, and radius r. Find the limit of s/d as θ approaches 0.
  • Click to see the exampleA pilot flying at 3 miles above the ground at 600 miles per hour sights the airport with a spotting scope. How fast must she turn the scope when the angle between the path and plane is 40o to keep the scope pointed at the airport?
  • Click to see the exampleA block at the end of a spring is stretched past its rest position and released. Its position at time t is given by the formula d(t) = 4cos(t). Find the velocity of the spring at time t. When does the block move fastest?


  • Click to see the appletLimit of sin(x)/x as x approaches 0


  • click to see the videoFind derivative of cos(x2)
  • click to see the videoCompute the derivative of x2·sin(√x)

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