Below are links to various documents and articles relevant to the course and using LaTeX.


Sample Solutions

Reading Mathematics

  • How to Read Mathematics: Simonson and Gouvea discuss the differences that arise when reading math and suggestions for how to handle math. They also provide a long example illustrating their ideas (mileage may vary with this).
  • Reading Mathematics: An excerpt from Hubbard and Hubbard's Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach. They have some great suggestions about reading proofs and learning notation.
  • Helping Undergraduates Learning to Read Mathematics: Reiter's article contains a long list of questions that might help when reading through theorems and definitions. It was intended for abstract algebra students but the questions are generally useful.

Writing Mathematics

  • Some Guidelines for Good Mathematical Writing: Su has some wonderful suggestions and outlines some traditions of writing math (e.g., using "we" instead of "I").
  • Evaluating Proofs: This writing rubric from Eastern Oregon University summarizes some ideas of what makes a proof good. This is not how proofs will be graded in this course but these qualities will be considered.

LaTeX Resources

There are many LaTeX resources floating around online and the compilation below should minimize additional searching.

  • TeX Reference Card: The first page should have most of the symbols you need.
  • Detexify: You consulted the quick reference sheet and still can't find the symbol? Just draw it!
  • Overleaf: This online LaTeX editor saves you the hassle of downloading an editor and distribution of your own. It also has a tutorial here and a reference sheet here.
  • LaTeX Wikibook: Once you start getting comfortable with the basics, this book covers almost everything you need. Lots of examples.
  • Dartmouth Library LaTeX Guide: This page has a lot of information and different resources, including a "Quick Start" guide. For practical typesetting purposes, consult one of the above.