Math 68, Fall 2019

Algebraic Combinatorics
Last updated September 27, 2019 11:00:08 EDT
For the SageMath workshop:
  • Download the worksheets without answers : Using Sage and its notebook or Python basics.
  • Once you have SageMath installed on your computer and downloaded a worksheet, start SageMath with its notebook interface. Depending on your operating system and the version of SageMath you installed, this can either be done with a button in your menu, or from the command line, by typing ‘PATH_TO_THE_SAGE_FOLDER/./sage –notebook=jupyter’ from the folder in which the worksheet is located. Then, SageMath should open in your browser.
  • In your browser, you should find the SageMath (Jupyter) notebook interface. Simply open the worksheet by clicking on it.
I recommend reading the solutions to the worksheets afterwards : Using Sage and its notebook or Python basics.

I added a new worksheet on Linear algebra. I know the solutions for it, but I am not planning on posting them. If you want to write some solutions, I would be happy to post them online so they are accessible for your classmates.

There is also a worksheet I used for guessing in Sage that is online.