Math 68, Fall 2019

Algebraic Combinatorics
Last updated September 06, 2021 16:06:48 EDT

Take-home exam

The final exam is take-home. The PDF version and TeX version are now available.

Homework Assignments

Assignments are due every Wednesday, except for the first week, and until November 13. The problem sets will be listed here. Please note that the solutions to selected problems have been removed once the term ended.

First problem set, due on September 20. An archive containing the TeX file and the picture is available here. Solutions

Second problem set, due on September 25. TeX file

Third problem set, due on October 2nd. TeX file and solutions to problem 1.

Fourth problem set, due on October 9th. Archive including the TeX file and the picture

Fifth problem set, due on October 16th. TeX file A pretty picture of the Shi arrangement in dimension 4. (You can rotate it.) and solutions to Problems 1 and 5.

Sixth problem set, due on October 25th. TeX file

Seventh problem set, due on October 30th. TeX file To run the TeX file, you will need the package genyoungtabtikz.

Eighth problem set, due on November 6th. TeX file

Ninth problem set, due on November 13th. TeX file

Finding the right answer is not equivalent to solve a problem, and therefore your solution will be evaluated as a whole. Please, keep in mind while writing the assignments that I will not be with you when I will read it, so it must be complete.

Student Presentation or Software Project

The student presentations can be about any research paper in algebraic combinatorics, or chosen in a list of topics that will be given to you mid-October. For those who prefer the software project, your project could consist in implementing an algorithm from algebraic combinatorics into a programming language, writing a tutorial on how to use mathematical software to solve a combinatorial problem or contributing to a free software. Students having further ideas should talk to me about the project they have.

The presentations and projects can be done in teams of two students, but the project should be bigger (longer talk or broader software project).