Grading Policy


Written homework and computational projects will be assigned.

Matlab and the finite element package Freefem++ or FEniCS will be used for the computer assignments.

The students are supposed to work on and submit the homework assignments in teams, with each team turning in one assignment. Each team member must fully participate in the effort, so that each student works on every problem. Students who do not fully contribute to all parts of the assignment will be downgraded accordingly.

The students are supposed to discuss and present the homework assignments during X-hour.


There will be one take-home exam.

Students may not receive assistance of any kind from any source (living, published, electronic, etc), except for what is approved prior to the exam, and may not give assistance to anyone. Matters of clarification are to be left to the instructor.

Grading policy:

The course grade will be based on the homework assignments(30%), homework presentations(30%) and the take-home exam(40%).

Course structure:

  • All course materials and assignments will be managed through Canvas. //Canvas.
  • Homework and exam will be posted on Canvas. Solutions must be submitted electronically through Canvas.
  • Late homework will be penalized 10% for each day it is late. Late exam will NOT be accepted.