I am sure you have heard of multivariable calculus. Some of you may even have learned parts of multivariable calculus. You perhaps do not realize that multivariable calculus and Linear Algebra are deeply connected.

What is Linear Algebra? In short, it is a subject that studies linear transformations. We all have seen examples of linear transformations in high school. The simplest one is f(x)=ax, a family of functions whose graphs are straight lines passing through the origin.

Due to its wide application in pure and applied mathematics, engineering, physics, and economics among other areas, Linear Algebra is one of the most important math courses you should take in college! In multivariable calculus, introducing Linear Algebra allows us to 1) understand the geometric intuition behind equations of lines and planes, 2) explain the geometry of derivatives of multivariable functions, 3) simplify the chain rule, and 4) explain the mysterious second derivative test for multivariable functions.

The pace for the course is similar to the pace of Math 8, rather than the intense pace of Math 11. The course replaces the part about infinite series in Math 8 by Linear Algebra.

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