The following is a tentative syllabus for the course. This page will be updated irregularly. On the other hand, the weekly syllabus contained in the Homework assignments page will always be accurate.

Lectures Sections in Text Brief Description
9/16 M Stewart 12.1 Introduction to 3-d coordinate system and distance
9/18 W Stewart 12.2 Vectors
9/20 F Linear Algebra
Linear equations and row reduction
9/23 M Linear Algebra 2.1 Linear combinations and spanning sets
9/24 T (X-hour) Linear Algebra 2.2 Using basis to provide a map of a subspace
9/25 W Libear Algebra 2.3 Vector equations of lines and planes
9/27 F Stewart 12.3 Dot products and orthogonality
9/30 M Stewart
Projections, cross products
10/2 W Stewart 12.5 Equations of lines and planes
10/4 F Stewart
Vector valued functions, space curves
10/7 M Review
10/8 T Exam 1: 5:00-6:30
10/9 W Stewart
Derivatives and integrals of vector valued functions, arclength
10/11 F Stewart 14.1 Functions of several variables and level sets
10/14 M Linear Algebra 3.1-3.2 Matrix Operations
10/15 T (X-hour) Stewart 14.2 Limit of functions in several variables
10/16 W Stewart 14.3, Linear Algebra 4.1 Partial derivatives and directional derivatives
10/18 F Linear Algebra 4.2 Differentiable functions and tangent planes
10/21 M Linear Algebra Linear transformations and their representing matrix
10/23 W Linear Algebra Geometry of linear transformations
10/25 F Linear Algebra Linear properties
10/28 M Linear Algebra Composite functions
10/29 T Exam 2: 5:00-6:30
10/30 W Linear Algebra Derivatives as matrices
11/1 F No Class
11/4 M Linear Algebra Derivatives as matrices (cont)
11/5 T (X-hour) Stewart 14.6
Linear Algebra
Chain rule
11/6 W Linear Algebra Quadratic forms and ssecond order derivatives
11/8 F Stewart 14.7 Min/Max for functions with several variables
11/11 M Stewart 14.7 Min/Max for functions with several variables
11/13 W Stewart 14.8 Lagrange multipliers
11/15 F Review
TBA Final