Wind Driven Rain,
by Edwin Gailits and Dorothy Wallace

This video of Joan Morris at work in her studio includes a description a variety of techniques of the ancient Japanese art of Shibori, as well as a description of the culture and history surrounding the practice. Morris also talks about her own work, both traditional and modern. This film is full of rich visual images and it received a Film & Video Award from the New Hampshire State Council On The Arts in 1997. This video may be obtained by contacting Edwin Gailits at gailits@sympatico.ca.



Shibori for Geometers,
by Joan Morris and Dorothy Wallace

This text on transformation groups introduces students to the mathematics behind the Shibori technique of fold and clamp dying. Using a constructivist approach, the text leads the reader through a series of exercises designed to culminate in both the conjecture and proof of the "Shibori Theorem". Exercises are executed either through fold and clamp Shibori or else by more traditional pencil and paper methods. Description of dying techniques and the artist's perspective are offered by coauthor Joan Morris, who claims that doing these math exercises has forever changed how she looks at her art. To obtain a copy of the current draft of this volume, contact Kim.Rheinlander@Dartmouth.edu.