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A cross-cultural web site displaying the role of symmetry and pattern in art and mathematics.

by Pippa Drew and Dorothy Wallace

Geometry in Art & Architecture

Geometry in Art & Architecture
An extensive web site devoted to a history of the relationship between art and geometry.

by Paul Calter

Color Harmonies and Algebra Tiles

Squaring the Circle

Squaring the Circle
A guided tour of the geometry of art and architecture.

by Paul Calter

Wind Driven Rain

Wind Driven Rain
A video of internationally acclaimed Shibori artist Joan Morris at work in her studio.

by Edwin Gailits and Dorothy Wallace

Shibori for Geometers

Shibori for Geometers
A constructivist text introducing transformation groups in the context of the Japanese textile art of Shibori.

by Joan Morris and Dorothy Wallace

Eyes on the Earth

Eyes on the Earth, I, II, III
Three videos exploring satellite imaging techniques from the point of view of an artist, a geologist, and a mathematician.

by Richard Birnie, Edwin Gailits, and Dorothy Wallace

The Stone Lions

The Stone Lions
A children's fantasy story about geometry in a moorish palace.

by Gwen Dandridge