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Case Studies in Calculus

Case Studies in Calculus
A collection of worksheets promoting in depth exploration of selected applications of calculus, including "Torricelli's Law" and "Sleuthing Galileo."

by Don Kreider and Dwight Lahr

That's Calculus

That's Calculus
A video review of basic calculus concepts, including chemistry applications such as reaction times and radioactive decay.

by Edwin Gailits, Marcia Groszek and Dorothy Wallace

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Ordinary Differential Equation Machine

The Big Green Ordinary Differential Equation Machine
A Java applet that integrates systems of ordinary differential equations.

By B P Reid

The Bell That Rings Light

The Bell That Rings Light
A Primer in Quantum Mechanics and Chemical Bonding.

by Dorothy Wallace & Joseph J BelBruno

Makin' Waves

Makin' Waves
An introduction to Fourier series and the wave equation.

by Dorothy Wallace


From Unwanted By-Product to Essential Fuel for the Twentieth Century.

By John Nicholas Burnett

Forces and Forms in Large Structures

Forces and Forms in Large Structures

By Alfonso M. Albano, William Case, Newton H. Copp

The Electrification of Los Angles

The Electrification of Los Angles
Engineering, Science, and History.

By Newton H. Copp, Andrew W. Zanella

Computer Music

Computer Music
Science and Technology of a New Art.

By Victor A. Staniosis and Hugh Berberich

Pacing The Heart

Pacing The Heart

By Kirk Jeffrey

An Introduction to Dynamical Systems And Mathematical Modelling