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Algebra The Write Way

Algebra The Write Way

By Deann Leoni

Color Harmonies and Algebra Tiles

Computer Music

Computer Music,
Science and Technology of a New Art

by Victor A. Stanionis, Hugh Berberich

Feedback -- Automation

Feedback -- Automation,

By John G. Truxal

Forces and Forms in Large Structures

Forces and Forms in Large Structures,

By Alfonso M. Albano, William Case, Newton H. Copp


From Unwanted By-Product to Essential Fuel for the Twentieth Century.

By John Nicholas Burnett

The Electrification of Los Angles

Pacing The Heart

Pacing The Heart

By Kirk Jeffrey

Quantitative Examples

Quantitative Examples

Edited by John Truxal

The Economics of Technology

The Economics of Technology

by Vincent H. Smith

From Rule of Thumb to Scientific Engineering

From Rule of Thumb to Scientific Engineering,
James B. Francis and the Invention of the Fancis Turbine

By Edwin T. Layton

Rates of Change