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This module is part of the curriculum developed through the Mathematics Across the Curriculum (MAC) project. The MAC project began at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington in 2000. It was supported by the National Science Foundation (DUE #0088149), Edmonds CC, and other local and state agencies. Over the four years of the project, MAC involved 122 faculty representing 33 disciplines from 19 different high schools, colleges, and universities. The MAC project's goal was to support faculty in creating curricula to enable their students to experience the quantitative and mathematical aspects of many disciplines. For more information about MAC, see http://mac.edcc.edu.



Algebra the Write Way
By Deann Leoni
Edmonds Community College


These two modules consist of writing assignments that were used in a Learning Community course, Algebra the Write Way, in which we integrated two college-prep courses, Elementary Algebra and Intro to Essay Writing. The integration occurred by using mathematics and quantitative reasoning as the subject of the English course's readings and writings and by using writing to support and reinforce the mathematical concepts. The instructors of the course also used writing to try to reduce the anxiety about learning mathematics. According to Preis & Biggs (2001), instructors can help reduce math anxiety by emphasizing that learning mathematics is partially like learning a foreign language, with its own vocabulary and symbols.

This curriculum falls naturally into two parts. The activities provided in both modules were used together in the learning community course. However, the modules can be used separately; module 1 can be used alone in a writing course to integrate mathematics/quantitative reasoning, and module 2 can be used alone to integrate writing in an algebra course. These modules could be used in high school (grades 10-12) or in introductory college classes. However, the writing assignments could be adapted for more advanced students.

The mathematics content of these modules is elementary algebra and statistics. Module 1 requires only basic descriptive statistics and module 2 corresponds with high school or elementary Algebra. Although these modules were created for students in a college Elementary Algebra, they could be modified to incorporate more sophisticated mathematics.

Algebra the Write Way: Integrating Math into Writing

Algebra the Write Way: Integrating Writing into Math