Data Driven Modeling with Real World Applications
Summer 2017

About Dartmouth Math REU

Developing models to solve 21st century problems in physical, natural, and social sciences requires both theoretical and empirical understanding. Sophisticated numerical algorithms for extracting important information from data and for running long term model simulations are also critical for effectively utilizing these models. In this REU program, students will learn fundamental concepts and cutting-edge methods in modeling and numerical computation through engagement with data-driven problems drawn from applications of great societal impact. In particular, by motivating the mathematical solvers using real world applications, and by involving research scientists from other disciplines, this REU program will give students a comprehensive experience in problem solving.

Topics will include image reconstruction for ultrasound, MRI, and radar, and game theory with applications to real-world cooperation problems. Instruction will be combined with individual hands-on research experiences and projects, and will include on-site visits to various campus research facilities, as well as guest lectures from the Department of Psychology, the Department of Biology, the Thayer School of Engineering, and the Geisel School of Medicine. Students will have additional opportunities to meet with relevant Dartmouth faculty to discuss their research and get feedback on their results.

Our REU program is supported by NSF and Dartmouth College. All work will be in a collaborative environment with fellow participants, graduate students, and postdocs. Students will undertake research projects and present their findings at the end of the program.


Anne Gelb

John G. Kemeny Parents Professor of Mathematics

Feng Fu

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Biomedical Data Science

Graduate Students

Victor Churchill

Victor Churchill is interested in applied mathematics. Specifically he is interested in fast analysis-based algorithms, numerical analysis, scientific computing, partial differential equations, and probability.

Xingru Chen

Xingru Chen is a first year Applied Math PhD student at Dartmouth. She is interested in mathematical modeling of human strategic behavior with particular respects to real-world problems of great importance to society, such as vaccination behavior and antibiotic overuse.

REU Participants 2017 Summer

Imani Carson

Imani Carson is a Mathematics major in the Dual Degree Engineering Program at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. After completing her Mathematics degree, she plans to transfer to obtain a BS in Industrial Engineering.  When she is not conducting research in mathematics, Imani can be found singing in Spelman's Gospel Choir, volunteering at the local elementary school, or catching up on her favorite Netflix shows.

Xiaoguang Huo

Xiaoguang is a sophomore at Cornell University studying mathematics and computer science. He enjoys reading, traveling and snowboarding.

Alex Ginsberg

Alex Ginsberg is a student entering his 4th year at Michigan State University. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in advanced mathematics, while pursuing a second major in physics and a minor in economics. Among his mathematical interests are game theory, topology, mathematical physics, and applied mathematics. He spends his free time fencing, playing chess and other strategy games, reading fantasy novels, and getting together with friends and family.

Yijia Zhang

Yijia Zhang, an undergraduate from math department of Case Western Reserve University. Interested in both apply and pure Mathematics. Previous researches included water resources evaluation system and checking point lining model. My intended research topic is image processing during this summer.

Olivia Conway

Olivia is a junior majoring in Mathematics & Biostatistics at the University of Oklahoma. Along with analysis and number theory, she is interested in Major League Baseball, running marathons, and working with children.  She is a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma, and hails from Charlotte, Michigan.

Haoran Liu

Haoran is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Arizona State University. He has completed his third year of studies and will be joining other students this summer for the mathematics REU program. Previously, Haoran has participated in an undergraduate summer research program at ASU studying signal detection theory.

Jingrong Tian

New York University

REU Projects

Research projects completed by Dartmouth REU students.

Name Institution REU Project
Imani Carson Spelman College Using game theory to model review manipulation in e-commerce
Olivia Conway University of Oklahoma Effects of vaccine-adverse minority on vaccination dynamics
Alexander Ginsberg Michigan State University Evolution of Cooperation; Recovering Phase from Complex Fourier Data
Xiaoguang Huo Cornell University
Haoran Liu Arizona State University
Jingrong Tian New York University Determining the probability that an interval contains a jump discontinuity given Fourier data of a piecewise smooth function
Yijia Zhang Case Western Reserve University Using ADMM and soft shrinkage for 2D signal reconstruction