Thomas R. Shemanske

Dartmouth College (603) 646-3179 (office)
Department of Mathematics (603) 646-1312 (fax)
Hanover, NH 03755-3551 thomas.r.shemanske@dartmouth.edu

Ph.D. University of Rochester 1979
M.A. University of Rochester 1976
A.B. Cornell University 1974


  • A. W. Mellon Foundation: “A Better Calculus for Less” (Dwight Lahr, PI), ($224K approx) July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2003. [1 month of support, Summer 2003]
  • AT&T Foundation: (co-PI, funded) “Development and Dissemination of a Free, Online Calculus Course for College and High School Students” (DC 5-38132), $50k, July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2006.
  • Hewlett Foundation: (co-PI, proposed) “Opening Access to Quality Calculus”, $400k, July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2006.
  • A. W. Mellon Foundation: “A Better Calculus for Less” (Dwight Lahr, PI), ($224K approx) July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2003. [1 month of support, Summer 2000]
  • NSF Grant USE 8953908:(Co-Principal Investigator 1990-1991) “Calculus: Restructuring and Integration with Computing” (3-year grant to carry out calculus reform), ($300K approx) 1989 - 1992.
  • Sloan Foundation Grant 89-10-1: “Computers and the teaching of Mathematics”, ($80K approx) November, 1989 - November 1990.
  • NSF Grant USE 8814009: “Calculus: Restructuring and Integration with Computing” (planning grant for revision of calculus curriculum), ($50K approx) 1988 - 1989.
   2021– Professor Emeritus Dartmouth College
   2004–2007 Department Chair Dartmouth College
   1994 (Fall) Member MSRI
   1993–2021 Professor Dartmouth College
   1987–1993 Associate Professor Dartmouth College
   1981–1987 Assistant Professor Dartmouth College
   1979–1981 Lawton Lecturer Temple University

My research is in algebraic number theory with a particular interest in the theory of modular forms, central simple algebras, and the theory of buildings and their applications. I have done extensive work on questions of the representability of modular forms by theta series attached to quadratic forms, and have used the arithmetic of quaternion algebras to answer questions regarding the representation numbers of ternary and quaternary quadratic forms. Other work has included aspects of the theory of newforms for integral and half-integral weight modular forms of elliptic and Hilbert type as well as the study of higher rank Hecke operators and their relation to Bruhat-Tits buildings for $GL_n(K)$ and $Sp_n(K)$, $K$ a local field. Recent work has focused on the geometric and combinatorial aspects of affine buildings, as well as their application to the study of arithmetic in central simple algebras.

Student Name Current Affiliation Degree Year Thesis title
Angelica Babei McMaster University 2019 On the Arithmetic of Tiled Orders
Michael Wijaya Bard HS Early College Queens 2015 A function-field analogue of Conway's Topograph
Benjamin Linowitz Oberlin College 2012 Selectivity in Central Simple Algebras and Isospectrality
Alison Setyadi Department of Defense 2007 The Affine Buildings of $SL_n$ and $Sp_n$: A Combinatorial Perspective
Nathan Ryan Bucknell University 2005 Calculating Satake parameters
Susan D'Agostino Editor/Writer/Mathematician 2003 Classifying Additive Codes
Holly Rosson Warren Wilson College 2000 Theta functions over function fields
Sharon Frechette Holy Cross 1997 Decomposition of Spaces of Half-Integral Weight Cusp Forms
Tamara Veenstra University of Redlands 1997 Characterizing Siegel Modular Forms
Timothy Atwill Former Head:Investment Strategy/Portfolio Mgr, Parametric Portfolio Assoc 1993 Diagonalizing Spaces of Hilbert Cusp Forms
Lynne Walling University of Bristol, UK 1987 Theta Series attached to Lattices of Arbitrary Rank
John Wesley Young Research Instructors at Dartmouth
   Name Current Affiliation Years
   Cristina Ballantine Holy Cross 2000–2002
   Anne Schwartz U Mass, Amherst 1989–1991
   Jacob Nemchenok Private Industry 1985–1987
   John Cremona Warwick Mathematics Institute, UK 1982–1984
  • National Science Foundation
  • National Security Agency
  • Mathematical Reviews
  • Zentralblatt für Mathematik

  • Acta Arithmetica
  • Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  • International Journal of Number Theory
  • Journal of Number Theory
  • London Math Society
  • Pacific Journal of Mathematics
  • Ramanujan Journal
  • Rocky Mountain Journal
  • Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Association of America
[Books and Monographs]

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  2. Modern Cryptography and Elliptic Curves: A Beginner's Guide, STML 83, AMS, 252 pages, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-4704-3582-0.
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[Other Published Articles]

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[Other Manuscripts]

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