Below are links to various documents for the course.


FERPA waiver

Maple Downloads

There is licensed software available for student use which you may find useful for either performing or checking (partial) integrations, or for help visualizing surfaces in three-space.

Below is a Quickstart Guide which lists various things you can do with Maple giving both the mathematical expression familiar to you as well as the syntactically correct command in Maple. To download the two worksheets (on integration and graphing) do not just click the link; you will get garbage. Instead, right click or whatever equivalent Mac thing you do to save a link as a file. These files can then be opened within Maple.

The link to obtain the software is in the first lines of the quickstart guide.

NOTE: You need to look at the README_Install document that comes with the download. It should give directions something like (these are for Linux), Run the installer program. Select "network" as the type of license and enter "" for the name of the Maple license server. Use the default port number.