In Math 13 you have a number of responsibilities, the first of which is being fully aware of the content of the general information page.

In particular, that page contains:

There are web-based homework assignments which are due before each class period, as well as written assignments which are due once a week. Further details are provided both by the above links (but you have looked at those already) as well as below.

Web-based homework assignments

The daily web-based problems can be accessed via the WeBWorK Login link on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

It is highly recommended that you keep a notebook in which you write up your WeBWorK homework (including your work as well as the answers). Then when you are studying for exams, you will have a record of your work two which to refer.

Written homework assignments

The weekly written homework assignments will be posted here.

Homework Assignments

Week of September 16–20, 2013

Assignments Made on: