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Buzoe's Tail

So Why Is My Computer Named Buzoe Anyway?

For a long time, my computer has had the odd name of "Buzoe". The reason for this goes back to a story by Bancroft H. Brown who was a member of the Mathematics Department here at Dartmouth whose tenure predates even the arrival of John Kemeny. Since I have had a strong professional and personal connection to Australia since the early 1980's, I was very interested to discover that Bancroft had impacted the look of Australian maps many years before my arrival in Hanover. After reading Bancroft's short story describing his contribution, I just had to keep the name of "Buzoe" alive and connected to Dartmouth. So I have put the story out there on the internet for all to admire.

If you are curious, click here to read the story. (If you're not, why are you reading this?) If, after reading the story, you want to see a map with the appropriate marking, click here.

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Last modified on December 26, 2012