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I teach the whole spectrum of our offerings from beginning calculus to graduate topics courses and everything in between. I would list my current teaching assignments and/or office hours here, but it would quickly get out of date. (Before this page was posted, its predecessor was eight years out of date!) But you can see the entire Department's teaching schedule for the year (and maybe next year's as well on our Department's web site. Information for potential and current majors or minors can be found under the "Info for Majors" tab in the left column of this page. Any course I'm teaching, and most courses the Department teachings will have a web page. For example, the page for Math 71 course I taught in the fall of 2011 is found at You should be able to deduce the address of other pages from that pattern. (Hint: the summer term is denoted by an "x".)

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Last modified on December 24, 2012