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Research Interests

I work in functional analysis and specialize in the study of algebras of linear operators on Hilbert space. More precisely, I study Banach *-algebras which satisfy the C*-norm identity $\|a^* a\|=\|a\|^2$. A celebrated result of Gelfand and Naimark imples that all such algebras can be realized as algebras of operators on Hilbert space.

I specialize in the study of the fine structure of C*-algebras associated to dynamical systems of various sorts. In particular, I am interested in the fine structure of C*-crossed products, groupoid C*-algebras and more recently groupoid crossed products. While I have also dabbled in noncommuntative duality, most of my work involve Morita equivalence and often continuous-trace C*-algebras.

You can find some PDFs of my papers and information about the two graduate texts that I have written by following the Books and Papers link above.

Graduate students looking for information about the analysis certification exam or about working with me should consult the Info for Grad Students link.

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Last modified on December 21, 2012