Publications and Preprints


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Conference Proceedings

[Optica] Compressed Single-Shot Photoacoustic Image Reconstruction of a 3D Pressure Distribution Green, Gelb, and Luke (2021)


[SIAM CSE23] Hierarchical Bayesian 3D Synthetic Aperture Radar Reconstruction Using Joint Sparsity Green, Gelb, and Jamora (2023)

[AFOSR Electromagnetics Annual Portfolio Review] Advances in Bayesian Inference techniques for SAR Image Recovery Green, Gelb, Lindbloom, and Jamora (2023)

[ATRC Summer Review] Evaluation of Neural Radiance Fields in 3D SAR Reconstruction Green, Jamora, Sudkamp, and Sotirelis (2022)

[SIAM UQ22] Sar Image Formation Using Empirical Bayesian Inference With Joint Sparsity Green, Gelb, and Scarnati (2022)

[SIAM IS22] Empirical Bayesian Inference Using Joint Sparsity for SAR Image Formation Green, Gelb, and Scarnati (2022)