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What's happening in Math

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Faculty News

Professor Winkler named Puzzle Master at MoMath

The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) has selected Professor Peter Winkler as the second Distinguished Chair for the Public Dissemination of Mathematics. He will launch “A Year of Puzzles” at MoMath and will lead a series of public initiatives, including mini-courses in puzzle solving, special events at city high schools, and a series of puzzle-themed dinners on probability and decision theory. “Being good at math is great, but not necessary. Being unafraid of math, and a bit curious, is enough to give any child or adult a big advantage.” Learn more +

Alumni News

Math alumnus honored by Lathisms

Enrique Treviño Ph.D. ’11, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Lake Forest College, is a 2019 Lathisms honoree in the category of Latinx and Hispanic mathematics educators. He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics with an emphasis in number theory under the guidance of Professor Carl Pomerance. Lathisms was founded in 2016 to showcase the contributions of Latinx and Hispanic mathematicians during Hispanic Heritage Month. “My favorite part of Lathisms has been the podcast. It is great to hear about the life of other mathematicians. To listen to the struggles on their path and their resilience... and to hear the joy mathematics brings to them.”

Faculty and Graduate Research

Joint faculty and graduate research published in Inverse Problems and Imaging

The paper Edge-adaptive $\ell_2$ regularization image reconstruction from non-uniform Fourier data by graduate student Victor Churchill and Professor Anne Gelb (joint with Rick Archibald at Oak Ridge National Laboratory) was recently published in Inverse Problems and Imaging. Below are synthetic aperture radar images of a car reconstructed using (left) $\ell_1$ regularization and (right) edge-adaptive $\ell_2$ regularization. The top panels show the full car and the bottom are close-ups of the lower right wheel.

More news

Recent Publications

Universal Triviality of the Chow Group of 0-cycles and the Brauer Group​

Asher Auel, Alessandro Bigazzi, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer

International Mathematics Research Notices

Detecting Edges from Non-uniform Fourier Data via Sparse Bayesian Learning

Victor Churchill, Anne Gelb

Journal of Scientific Computing

Edge-masked CT image reconstruction from limited data

Victor Churchill, Anne Gelb

Proceedings Volume 11072, 15th International Meeting on Fully Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

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