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What's happening in Math

Prosser Memorial Lecture
October 17, 6pm

Mathematician and musician Reese Prosser

Research Opportunities

Neukom Institute opportunities for undergraduates and postdocs

Dartmouth’s Neukom Institute provides support for undergraduates working on computational projects by way of the Neukom Scholars Program and Travel Grants. In addition, the Neukom Fellows program brings to campus early-career interdisciplinary postdoctoral researchers whose work has a computational theme. View the list of current Neukom fellows to see research interests and mentorships.

Faculty News

Professor Demidenko speaks at campus ITC event

On Thursday October 17 Adjunct Professor of Mathematics Eugene Demidenko will give a lunchtime talk on how machine learning can be enriched by statistics. Professor Demidenko’s interests include methodological and applied statistical research with applications to advanced bioengineering technologies. He is the author of the book Mixed Models: Theory and Applications with R and is the recipient of several awards from the American Statistical Association. Register here for the talk.

Undergraduate Research

At the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge

Thanks to the generous Byrne gift, Byrne Scholar Archita Harathi ’22 recently traveled to the U.K. to conduct research under the guidance of Marie Curie Fellow Irena Vankova at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. “My experience working at the British Antarctic Survey was full of learning and exploring the potential of mathematics in a variety of applications. I am forever grateful for experience and the memories I made along with it!”

More news

Recent Publications

Edge-adaptive $\ell_2$ regularization image reconstruction from non-uniform Fourier data

Victor Churchill, Rick Archibald, Anne Gelb

Inverse Problems and Imaging

Universal Triviality of the Chow Group of 0-cycles and the Brauer Group​

Asher Auel, Alessandro Bigazzi, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer

International Mathematics Research Notices

Detecting Edges from Non-uniform Fourier Data via Sparse Bayesian Learning

Victor Churchill, Anne Gelb

Journal of Scientific Computing

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