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What’s happening in Math

Graduate Students

Xingru Chen receives Hannah Croasdale Graduate Scholar Award

Congratulations to Xingru Chen PhD ’21, this year’s Hannah Croasdale Graduate Scholar Award winner! The recipient of this Dartmouth award possesses personal qualities of intellectual curiosity, dedication, and commitment to the pursuit of new knowledge and to teaching, as well as a sense of social responsibility to the community of scholars. “It is a great honor and a privilege to be the recipient of the award. I just feel lucky to do my PhD here. Everyone, from the students to the faculty, and to the other staff, is loving and caring. I am forever grateful to the department, the graduate school, and the college for offering help and support all the time.”

photo of Xingru Chen PhD ’21

Undergraduate News

2021 Thayer Prize Exam winners

The Math Department is pleased to announce excellent results in this year’s Thayer Prize Exam, an annual first-year Dartmouth mathematics competition organized by our department. Congratulations to first place winner Hoang Nguyen ’24 and second place winner Dylan Fridman ’24! You may view the list of winners from the last 11 years along with a brief history of the prizes, which were established in 1869 to “to constitute a perpetual prize fund for superior proficiency in the higher branches of Mathematics.” The exam consists of Mathematics Olympiad style problems, and originality and creativity are heavily weighed.

composite photo of 2021 Thayer Prize Exam winners, from left: Hoang Nguyen ’24 and Dylan Fridman’24


Math Camp 2021: Exploring Mathematics

This year we are hosting Math Camp virtually, offering two summer enrichment sessions for local high school students in July and August. Topics covered will be outside of the usual high school syllabus and students can interact with mathematicians in a fun, non-graded environment, where an exploratory approach will be emphasized. Each program will cover different mathematical topics and students are invited to attend one or both sessions. This year’s sessions are Knot Theory and Combinatorial Games. View more info and registration link. (Click/tap to view a larger image.)

image of poster for Dartmouth Math Camp 2021: Exploring Mathematics
More news

Recent Publications

Stabilizing radial basis function methods for conservation laws using weakly enforced boundary conditions

Jan Glaubitz, Anne Gelb

Journal of Scientific Computing

Mathematical Puzzles

Peter Winkler (Illustrations by Jess Johnson)

Routledge (A K Peters/CRC Press)

The existence of minimizers for an isoperimetric problem with Wasserstein penalty term in unbounded domains

Qinglan Xia, Bohan Zhou

Advances in Calculus of Variations

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