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What’s happening in Math

Professor Ina Petkova working on knot theory in her office (photo by Katie Lenhart).

Welcome to Dartmouth Mathematics

Alumni and Faculty Research

Math alumna continues collaboration with Professor Wallace

Frederika Rentzeperis ’20, now an MD/PhD student at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has continued collaborating with Professor Dorothy Wallace on two recently published articles in Mathematical Biosciences and Applied Mathematical Modelling. Rentzeperis did her senior honors thesis work under the guidance of Professor Wallace, and in 2020 participated in Dartmouth’s Mathematical Oncology DSP at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Professor Wallace led the program, which offered students opportunities to learn how to combine math, biology, evolutionary principles, and computer modeling while exploring oncology research. “One of our papers from 2022 has coauthors from the Moffitt collaboration/DSP and I still work remotely with some of the people there,” Rentzeperis says. She also did undergraduate research at Dartmouth, conducting in silico trials related to prostate cancer growth and also laboratory research to investigate glioblastoma metastasis and proliferation. After receiving her degree in Mathematics and Biology, she became a researcher in the NIH Postbac IRTA program before starting at Icahn.

Frederika Rentzeperis ’20

Undergraduate News

Byrne Scholar Eliza Crocker ’23 inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Congratulations to Byrne Scholar Eliza Crocker ’23, one of 24 students who were inducted into Dartmouth’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in November. Crocker is pursuing a major in Computer Science as well as a minor in Mathematics. With support from Byrne funds, she spent winter term ’21 conducting a research assistantship under the guidance of Professor John Voight, learning about data collection and analysis techniques to make observations regarding the Galois groups of various Belyi maps; this led to her writing two papers and presenting her research findings to faculty and other undergraduates. During winter ’21 she also participated in our department’s Directed Reading Program with graduate mentor Alex Wilson, and gave her final DRP presentation on the topic of representation theory. Crocker is a member of Dartmouth varsity sailing, and last fall she helped the team win the 2022 Victorian Urn Trophy for the NEISA Fall Women's Championship!

Eliza Crocker ’23 sailing roster portrait

Undergraduate Research

At the 2023 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston

Michael Gonzalez ’23 and Mario Tomba ’25 presented their poster Encoding trees with chromatic polynomials at JMM in Boston in early January. With co-author Andrew Koulogeorge ’24, they did research in algebraic combinatorics under the guidance of faculty mentor Rosa Orellana. “The poster session was an excellent opportunity to summarize our research findings and practice explaining them to others,” says Gonzalez, left, who is considering applying to PhD programs in Math or Computer Science. “It was fun interacting with other student researchers from all over the country and learning about their diverse mathematical backgrounds and interests. It was also cool to see so many other passionate students talking about their work — it puts into perspective the massive range of mathematical research going on today.” Tomba, right, was supported by the Kaminsky Award from UGAR and is studying pure mathematics with a growing interest in algebraic combinatorics and representation theory.

from left: Michael Gonzalez ’23 and Mario Tomba ’25
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Suddhasattwa Das, Dimitrios Giannakis

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Andrew D. Davis, Dimitrios Giannakis

Calcolo: a Quarterly on Numerical Analysis and Theory of Computation

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Rosa Orellana, Mike Zabrocki

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