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What’s happening in Math

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Essay Contest winners announced


Announcing the 2020 Math Essay Contest winners

Math major Mary Versa Clemens-Sewall ’20 won first prize at the college level in our local AWM essay contest Biographies Of Contemporary Women In Mathematics. Her essay, For the Love of (Sharing) Math, features visiting faculty member Nadia Lafrenière, who has organized Maths en Ville walking tours of Montréal. Other 2020 winning essays are from high school students Sophie Usherwood and Sora Shirai, and middle school students Hannah Malin-Stremlau, Farren Stainton, Benjamin Thaler Wellborn, and Leigh Grace Eggleton. Three local students won prizes at the national level!

Department News

Springing into spring term

The Math Department has jumped into the work at hand for remote learning this spring! Almost all of our focus in the last few weeks been on our courses, which you may browse on our course offerings page. We have added a new link with more details, including course descriptions and information about how each course will be taught this spring. As we move into the term, we are mindful that extending our empathy, generosity, and kindness will help ensure a smooth transition for all in the new learning environment.

Faculty News

Professor Winkler featured in The Guardian’s puzzle series

Can you solve this puzzle devised by Professor Peter Winkler? Featured in this week’s Monday Puzzle series in The Guardian, Professor Winkler is described by the article’s author as “one of my all time puzzle heroes.” Currently the Puzzle Master at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), Professor Winkler reminds us that to keep our minds fresh, we may sign up for free on Mind-Benders for the Quarantined! to receive his weekly mathematical puzzles from MoMath.

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Recent Publications

Conic bundle fourfolds with nontrivial unramified Brauer group

Asher Auel, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Alena Pirutka

Journal of Algebraic Geometry

Consecutive Patterns in Inversion Sequences II: Avoiding Patterns of Relations

Juan S. Auli, Sergi Elizalde

Journal of Integer Sequences

Consecutive Patterns in Inversion Sequences

Juan S. Auli, Sergi Elizalde

Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

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