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What’s happening in Math

The Math Department is gearing up for Fall term. Welcome back to all in our Math family!

Faculty News

Congratulations to Asher Auel and Feng Fu

Please join us in congratulating Asher Auel and Feng Fu, who have received tenure and promotions to the rank of Associate Professor! Professor Auel’s research interests are in algebraic geometry and number theory; he was among the 2020 awardees of the Simons Foundation Collaboration Grants for Mathematicians. His five-year grant will explore a project on the geometry of splitting fields and rationality. Professor Fu’s research integrates applied mathematics, social science, computer science, evolutionary biology, and statistical physics. He favors a multidisciplinary approach to research and teaching in what he calls “mathematical humanities”, ranging from quantitative explorations into human behavior, the ethics of algorithms, and mathematical models of morality.

composite photo of Asher Auel and Feng Fu

Graduate Students

Congratulations to our recent PhDs!

Congratulations to our graduate students who received their doctoral degrees at this year’s Investiture ceremony in June! Clockwise from upper left: Doug Knowles (advisor Ina Petkova), Yitong (Pepper) Huang (advisors Scott Pauls and D. Forger), James Ronan (advisor Anne Gelb), Xingru Chen (advisor Feng Fu), and Laura Petto (advisor M. Cheney). You may view their theses abstracts as well as our list of recent PhD students, which goes back a number of years and shows the first jobs and current positions of our PhD alumni.

composite photo of 2021 Mathematics PhDs, clockwise from upper left: Doug Knowles, Yitong (Pepper) Huang, James Ronan, Xingru Chen, and Laura Petto

Faculty News

Professor Rockmore writes in The New Yorker

On Father’s Day, The New Yorker published a reflective essay by Professor Dan Rockmore discussing the history of mathematical proofs and the major influence of one particular proof — the Rockmore theorem, developed by his father — on his own family’s history. About his father, a professor emeritus in the theoretical nuclear physics group at Rutgers, Rockmore says “My dad still marvels at a career and a life that he never could have anticipated... math was a gateway to order in his life.” Reflecting on the equations in his father’s proof brings Proustian moments: “For me, the symbols are mathematical madeleines. They remind me of the pads of paper that were scattered around our house, each full of my father’s scribblings.”

photo of Dan Rockmore
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Recent Publications

Descents on quasi-Stirling permutations

Sergi Elizalde

Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A

Stabilizing radial basis function methods for conservation laws using weakly enforced boundary conditions

Jan Glaubitz, Anne Gelb

Journal of Scientific Computing

Mathematical Puzzles

Peter Winkler (Illustrations by Jess Johnson)

Routledge (A K Peters/CRC Press)

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