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What’s happening in Math

Directed Reading Program offered in W23: see projects for more info.

The hill behind Kemeny/Haldeman is a pleasant study space in autumn (photo by Eli Burakian ’00).

Welcome to Dartmouth Mathematics

Undergraduate News

Athina Avrantini ’23 receives Byrne Prize in Mathematics

We are pleased to announce that the John J. Byrne Jr. Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to Athina Avrantini ’23! This prize was established in 2019 and is awarded to the top Dartmouth graduating mathematics major interested in continuing mathematics at the graduate level. Avrantini, who is majoring in math and minoring in computer science, has participated in Dartmouth’s Summer Hybrid Undergraduate Research (SHUR) 2021 and our department’s Directed Reading Program, and is also involved with the Dartmouth chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics. “I am currently working with Professor Asher Auel on a senior thesis investigating cyclic error-correcting codes,” she says. “I am now in the process of applying to PhD programs, and I am immensely grateful for the Byrne Prize and the support I have received from the math department in the pursuit of this goal.” View more about Avrantini and past Byrne Prize recipients to hear more about their time at Dartmouth and future plans.

Athina Avrantini ’23

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Lizzie Buchanan receives Bogart Teaching Award

Congratulations to fifth-year PhD student Lizzie Buchanan, the recipient of this year’s Kenneth P. Bogart Teaching Award for dedication to and excellence in advancing the educational mission of the department! Buchanan, who this month received her Certificate in Mathematical Pedagogy, has taught Math 3 and Math 8, and will be teaching Math 22 in Spring ’23. Her research interests are in topology, specifically knot theory. In addition to teaching, she is also a mentor in the Winter Term 2023 Directed Reading Program, and for the past two years has supported our PhD students in her role as our department's Graduate Program Committee Liaison. “I am a huge fan of tactile and visual aids, and I try to incorporate them as much as possible,” Buchanan says. “For example, I bring in bowls, vases, and shoes to help visualize volumes of revolution or surfaces like paraboloids. I intentionally use common items instead of specially made math aids, because then my students can mentally attach a new unfamiliar object to a familiar one, making the new one easier to ‘hold’. Throwing around a travel pillow to talk about saddle points can be fun and silly, and makes the concept less intimidating.”

Lizzie Buchanan outdoors with book

Department News

Directed Reading Program continues in Winter 2023!

Our Directed Reading Program pairs undergraduate students with graduate mentors to undertake independent reading projects covering advanced topics in mathematics that are generally not taught at the undergraduate level. We look forward to learning interesting mathematics with you! View a list of possible projects and graduate mentors; if you are very interested in a particular topic that is not on the list, there may be a graduate mentor who would be happy to read through that topic with you. The deadline to apply for the Winter 2023 DRP is December 9. From left: graduate student mentors Alex Wilson, Dylan Green, Juanita Duque-Rosero, Alina Glaubitz, Matthew Ellison; program organizers Ben Adenbaum and Brian Mintz; and organizer and mentor Richard Haburcak. The department gives special thanks to Richard, Ben, and Brian as co-organizers of this year’s program.

From left: graduate students Alex Wilson, Dylan Green, Juanita Duque-Rosero, Alina Glaubitz, Matthew Ellison, Ben Adenbaum, Brian Mintz, and Richard Haburcak.
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Recent Publications

Plethysm and the algebra of uniform block permutations

Rosa Orellana, Franco Saliola, Anne Schilling, Mike Zabrocki

Algebraic Combinatorics

A robust core architecture of functional brain networks supports topological resilience and cognitive performance in middle- and old-aged adults

William C. Stanford, Peter J. Mucha, Eran Dayan

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Construction and application of provable positive and exact cubature formulas

Jan Glaubitz

IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, Oxford University Press

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