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Commemorating the creation of BASIC: we honor the work of Tom Kurtz and John Kemeny on the democratization of computing

Faculty News

New book by puzzle master Professor Peter Winkler

The book Mathematical Puzzles by Professor Peter Winkler was recently published by Routledge. Each chapter explains a mathematical technique, then uses it to solve puzzles, and finally to prove a theorem. The book has received impressive praise from legendary computer scientist and mathematician Don Knuth: “This book may well be the best collection of mind-stretching teasers ever assembled. You can’t help but be inspired...” Professor Winkler is the author of two previous puzzle books, and in 2019 – 2020 was the Puzzle Master at the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York City.

Department History

IEEE marker at Collis commemorates birth of BASIC

An IEEE Milestone marker commemorating the creation of the BASIC programming language has been installed at Dartmouth’s Collis Center. Under the leadership of Professors of Mathematics John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz, BASIC and the Dartmouth Time Sharing System were developed at Dartmouth in the early 1960’s; much of the software was written by Dartmouth undergraduates. In 2014, Professor Dan Rockmore and filmmaker Bob Drake produced the film Birth of BASIC, a fascinating story featuring interviews with Professor Kurtz and others who were instrumental in the project.

Department News

Edray Goins to give inaugural C. Dwight Lahr Lecture

Edray Herber Goins, Professor of Mathematics at Pomona College, will give a lecture titled A Dream Deferred: 50 Years of Blacks in Mathematics at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 25 via Zoom. This is the inaugural talk in the C. Dwight Lahr Lecture series, named in memory and honor of Dwight Lahr’s contributions to the Department of Mathematics and to Dartmouth, and in recognition of his commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Among his numerous contributions to the field of mathematics, Professor Goins is a recent past president of the National Association of Mathematics, which seeks to promote the success of underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences. View the department’s poster for more details!

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Recent Publications

Towards stable radial basis function methods for linear advection problems

Jan Glaubitz, Elise Le Meledo, Philipp Öffner

Computers and Mathematics with Applications

Oscillatory dynamics in the dilemma of social distancing

Alina Glaubitz, Feng Fu

Proceedings of the Royal Society A — Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Pervasive chromosomal instability and karyotype order in tumour evolution

Thomas B. K. Watkins, Emilia L. Lim, Marina Petkovic, Sergi Elizalde et al.


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