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What’s happening in Math

Essay Contest: Biographies Of Contemporary Women In Mathematics
Deadline: January 31

Registration now open for Sonia Kovalevsky Day, April 11

Undergraduate Research

Mathematics REU 2020: apply by March 13

Professor Anne Gelb and Dr. Matthew Parno of the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) will lead the Dartmouth Mathematics REU this summer. Students will have the opportunity to work on applications in areas such as sea ice dynamics, radar imaging, subsurface flow, near-shore wave modeling, Arctic microbial communities, and snowpack evolution.

Faculty News

Professor Rockmore writes on AI and the creative arts

In an essay titled The Mechanical Muse in The New Yorker Annals of Inquiry, Dan Rockmore, professor of Mathematics and director of the Neukom Institute, explores the idea of computer programs generating lyrical poetry. He poses the question: “Given the power of new techniques in artificial intelligence, why not think more broadly about the kinds of art one can make using it?”

Undergraduate News

Byrne Scholar Summer 2019 technology internships

Supported by the Byrne gift, Byrne Scholars Aadil Islam ’21 and Raymond Chen ’22 participated in summer 2019 internships. Aadil interned in a JHU APL data science camp working on models to detect fake news, and Raymond developed quality control code as a cloud applications intern at an American multinational corporation. “It was very rewarding to be able to apply what I learned in both Computer Science and Mathematics courses at Dartmouth,” says Raymond.

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Recent Publications

Conic bundle fourfolds with nontrivial unramified Brauer group

Asher Auel, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer, Alena Pirutka

Journal of Algebraic Geometry

Consecutive Patterns in Inversion Sequences II: Avoiding Patterns of Relations

Juan S. Auli, Sergi Elizalde

Journal of Integer Sequences

Consecutive Patterns in Inversion Sequences

Juan S. Auli, Sergi Elizalde

Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science

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