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Department Announcements

Accepting applications for Summer Hybrid Undergraduate Research (SHUR) 2024

Now seeking graders for spring term

There will be no Exploring Mathematics workshop this summer

Thayer Math Prize Exam for first-year students, April 20, 2024

Welcome to Dartmouth Mathematics

Undergraduate Research

Dartmouth SHUR 2024: apply by April 5

We invite Dartmouth undergraduate student applications for the 2024 Summer Hybrid Undergraduate Research (SHUR) project, partially funded by the NSF. This year our group will pursue a research project in Floer theory with a computer science component.



Article by Xie He and Peter Mucha Highlighted by Nature Communications

The Nature Communications article Sequential stacking link prediction algorithms for temporal networks coauthored by Xie He, Peter Mucha, and others, is featured on the journal's Editors' Highlights under “Applied physics and mathematics.”

Xie He and Peter Mucha

Undergraduate News

The 2024 Thayer Prize Exam: Saturday, April 20

Attention first-year students! The Thayer Prize Exam, a contest organized by our department each year, will take place this year on Saturday, April 20 from 10am – 1pm in Kemeny 343. The Mathematics Department Prize fund for this exam is up to $1000, to be distributed among the exam winners. The exam consists of Mathematics Olympiad style problems, and originality and creativity are heavily weighed. You may view some recent exams for practice, along with a brief history of the prizes and the list of winners from the last 13 years. Please contact the Prize Committee Chair Professor Dimitris Giannakis by Friday April 5 if you would like to take the exam but cannot take it on Saturday April 20; the alternate date is Sunday April 21. (Click/tap to view a larger image of poster.)

poster for 2024 Thayer Prize Exam
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Recent Publications

Marked graphs and the chromatic symmetric function

José Aliste-Prieto, Anna de Mier, Rosa Orellana, José Zamora

SIAM J. Discrete Math

Sequential stacking link prediction algorithms for temporal networks

Xie He, Amir Ghasemian, Eun Lee, Aaron Clauset, Peter Mucha

Nature Communications

Leveraging joint sparsity in 3D synthetic aperture radar imaging

Dylan Green, JR Jamora, Anne Gelb

Applied Mathematics for Modern Challenges

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