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What’s happening in Math

Image courtesy of Bjoern Muetzel.

Welcome to Dartmouth Mathematics


Math Camp 2022: Exploring Mathematics

Sharpen your problem solving skills and find out what college math is like! This year we are hosting Math Camp in-person, offering two summer enrichment sessions for local high school students in July and August. Topics covered will be outside of the usual high school syllabus and students can interact with mathematicians in a fun, non-graded environment, where an exploratory approach will be emphasized. Each program will cover different mathematical topics and students are invited to attend one or both 5-day sessions. Past topics have included knot theory, combinatorial games, cryptography, probability, and graph theory. There is no charge for this program. View more info and registration link. (Click/tap to view a larger image.)

image of poster for Dartmouth Math Camp 2022: Exploring Mathematics

Undergraduate News

2022 Thayer Prize Exam winners

The Math Department is pleased to announce impressive results in this year’s Thayer Prize Exam, an annual first-year Dartmouth mathematics competition organized by our department. Congratulations to first place winner Matthew Coleman ’25 and second place winner Jessica Jiang ’25! In his previous studies, Matthew won Mathematics Award for Outstanding Student and was named a Commonwealth Honors Scholar. Jessica was first violinist of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra’s Youth Orchestra, and is currently a first violinist in the DSO. She intends to study applied mathematics and music. You may view the list of winners from the last 12 years along with a brief history of the prizes, which were established in 1869 to “to constitute a perpetual prize fund for superior proficiency in the higher branches of Mathematics.” The exam consists of Mathematics Olympiad style problems, and originality and creativity are heavily weighed.

composite photo of 2022 Thayer Prize Exam winners, from left: Matthew Coleman ’25 and Jessica Jiang ’25

Faculty News

Can a machine learn to write compelling product reviews?

Could you tell if an online review describing the palate-pleasing notes of grapefruit and tangerine in your off-dry Riesling was written by a human, or by an algorithm? Professor Dan Rockmore is part of a team that developed software to produce original expert wine reviews and syntheses of beer reviews using existing datasets and product metadata. Both approaches use transformer-based deep learning neural net architecture. Started by former Neukom Institute fellow Allen Riddell, right, and developed under Rockmore’s guidance by Keith Carlson, Guarini ’21 and postdoctoral research fellow at Tuck, the project became a cross-campus collaboration resulting in a paper in the International Journal of Research in Marketing. Practical applications include tools to assist consumers and professional reviewers, although the paper acknowledges and explores the inherent ethical implications involved. Read more in Dartmouth News and Scientific American, and listen to a short fun segment on BBC Tech Tent (@18:35).

composite image of Dan Rockmore and Allen Riddell
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Recent Publications

Sequential Image Recovery from Noisy and Under-Sampled Fourier Data

Yao Xiao, Jan Glaubitz, Anne Gelb, Guohui Song

Journal of Scientific Computing

A bipartite graph-based expected networks approach identifies DDR genes not associated with TMB yet predictive of immune checkpoint blockade response

William H. Weir, Peter J. Mucha, William Y. Kim

Cell Reports Medicine

Unramified Brauer groups of conic bundle threefolds in characteristic two

Asher Auel, Alessandro Bigazzi, Christian Böhning, Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer

American Journal of Mathematics

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