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The C. Dwight Lahr Lecture Series
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C. Dwight Lahr was named professor of mathematics emeritus at Dartmouth College. He first joined the Dartmouth faculty in 1975 as an assistant professor. Dr. Lahr was promoted to associate professor in 1981 and assumed the roles of associate dean of faculty for sciences and dean of graduate studies. He was named full professor and dean of the faculty in 1984, thus becoming the first Black professor to get tenure in an Ivy League School department of mathematics. He retired from teaching at Dartmouth in 2014.

Dwight never forgot his roots and remained deeply committed to improving inner city public education and making math accessible and understandable to all levels. Beginning in 1994, he founded and directed CLIPP, a Dartmouth Summer Institute to develop computer literacy for inner city public school teachers. CLIPP also provided computer equipment to their schools.

2021: Inaugural C. Dwight Lahr Lecture

 A Dream Deferred: 50 Years of Blacks in Mathematics

Edray Herber Goins, Professor of Mathematics, Pomona College
7pm on Thursday February 25, 2021

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