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Information for Current Graduate Students
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For the academic year beginning Summer Term 2019,

Feel free to see any of us, or indeed any professor, if you have questions about the graduate program.

pdf png General Policies - Hopefully the definitive source for degree requirements, policies, deadlines, advising, grievances, as well as a good dose of supportive advice. Last policy update 2017-03-02; faculty reps updated 2017-06-14.

pdf png TA Reference - Your job as a teaching assistant assigned to a mathematics class is to help the instructor teach and to help the students learn. Exactly what this means will depend on the class and the instructor. This document attempts to outline general department policies and College regulations that apply to all TAs, as well as to pinpoint some resources and contacts that might be useful to you.

Certification Resources - Current syllabi for first-year core courses, an archive of past written certification exams, and syllabi for oral qualifying exams, and in many cases sample questions.

Foreign Language Examiners spreadsheet: (xlsx) (pdf) Faculty who are willing to administer Foreign language exams. Deadline is the winter term of your fourth year.

The Guide - Now What - A guide for graduate students written by Mark L. Tomforde (Ph.D. 2002) more fully titled: "I've passed my quals, now what?" (A guide for Ph.D. candidates in mathematics at Dartmouth College). Mark offers a great deal of insight into the entire process of choosing an advisor and successfully writing your thesis.

LaTeX PhD thesis template (.zip archive) Authored by Francois Dorais and updated by Geoff Goehle, David Freund, Daryl DeFord. Last updated August, 2017.

Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning - all services are available to graduate students.