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Research Opportunities for Undergraduates
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Group Research Projects

Summer Hybrid Undergraduate Research — SHUR is an opportunity for undergraduate students to work as a group on a research project in mathematics with a computer science component, under the guidance of Dartmouth faculty.

Independent Research Projects

Students who are interested in independent research in any area are encouraged to contact a faculty member in that area. Read below for current research opportunities.

Arithmetic geometry

Advisor: Professor Asher Auel

Prerequisites: Most projects would require some prerequisite background in algebra, such as Math 71.


Knot theory and applications to general relativity

Advisor: Professor Vladimir Chernov

Prerequisites: The knowledge of Math 54 Pointset Topology is required.


Enumerative combinatorics

Advisor: Professor Sergi Elizalde

Prerequisites: For most of the projects, having some background in combinatorics (such as math 28, 38 or 68) and algebra (24 and 31/71) is helpful, along with some programming skills.


Combinatorial problems inspired by physical dualities

Advisor: Andrew Hanlon

Prerequisites: To get started, students need at least to be comfortable with mathematical proofs and linear algebra, but additional background knowledge certainly would be useful.


Network science

Advisor: Professor Peter Mucha


Combinatorics, algebra and graph theory

Advisor: Professor Rosa Orellana

Prerequisites: The ideal student should have taken Math 28 and Math 24 (or Math 22) if interested in a combinatorics project, Math 38 and Math 24 (or Math 22) if interested in a graph theory project, and Math 28 and Math 71 (or Math 31) if interested in an algebra project. Ideally the student should have some programming skills.