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Computing Resources
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Computing Resources Handbook PDF

We urge you to take a look at the Mathematics Department's Computing Resources Handbook, which covers departmental computing resources and, hopefully, most of the frequently addressed topics.

How-tos etc.

Linux macOS Windows
Secure Connections Secure Connections Secure Connections
Math Email Math Email Math Email
Vacation Autoreply Vacation Autoreply Vacation Autoreply
Printing Printing Printing
eduroam Wi-Fi X Window X Window
Backups Backups
WeBWorK Resources
Web Page Templates, Poster Templates
Department Letterhead, Graeco-Latin Square
Cloud Storage
(Math Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive)
Jupyter Lab (Python, R, Sage): doob, gauss
Mathematics Software Download

For all software and hardware issues, which aren't solved by the resources above, we ask you to please send an email to

Contact Information

In the event when you don't have the network connection, your contact for Mac and Windows issues is Laurie Johnson (102B Kemeny Hall).

Linux help for our purposes is construed as any assistance using or interacting with a machine not running Windows or Mac OS, which, for us, is Linux. It generally includes any machine in the department to which you must ssh to connect, or use scp to transfer files. This includes machines which serve personal and course web pages, all issues concerning WeBWorK, our department servers (gauss, webwork, doob etc.) and so on. If you can't access the network, and therefore can't go to Math Helpdesk, your contact for Linux, and in general non-Mac/Windows issues, is Sarunas Burdulis (102E Kemeny Hall).