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Department News & Happenings
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The 2019 Thayer Prize Exam

April 27 2019

The Thayer Prize Exam, a Dartmouth mathematics competition for first-year students, will take place this year on Saturday, April 27 from 10am – 1pm. Please notify the Mathematics Department in advance if you would like to take the exam but cannot take it on April 27.

Presenting research at NENAD 2019

April 18 2019

Professor Yoonsang Lee and graduate student Victor Churchill recently gave research talks at New England Numerical Analysis Day 2019 at WPI. Professor Lee gave a talk about his recent paper A seamless homogenization method for multiscale diffusion and advection operators based on joint work with Bjorn Engquist at UT Austin. Churchill's talk was on joint work with Professor Gelb, Image reconstruction via edge-masked regularization.

Juan Auli honored during Grad Student Appreciation Week

April 17 2019

Math graduate student Juan Auli was named an outstanding graduate student teacher for his work teaching Math 20 — Probability in Fall 2018. Every year, DCAL invites undergraduates to nominate graduate students who have been outstanding teachers to be recognized during Grad Student Appreciation Week. Congratulations to Juan!

Call for students to register for the Wetterhahn Science Symposium

April 12 2019

Are you doing research in science, math, or engineering? Present your findings at the 28th Annual Wetterhahn Science Poster Symposium on May 22. Register online by Wednesday May 8. Questions? Contact

Professor Orellana's research published in Journal of Combinatorial Theory

April 10 2019

Professor Rosa Orellana's research on symmetric functions was recently published in the Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A. The paper Products of symmetric group characters is co-authored by Professor Orellana and Mike Zabrocki.

Celebrating the 2019 Math Essay Contest

April 09 2019

The department celebrated our Math Essay Contest, Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics, with a reception and prize ceremony. Two of this year's winning essays received national awards.

Professor Sutton to speak at Indiana University

April 03 2019

Professor Craig Sutton, whose research interests in differential geometry include Riemannian geometry, spectral geometry, and homogeneous spaces, will speak at the 2019 Bloomington Geometry Workshop at Indiana University. His talk, titled Geometric Structures and the Laplace Spectrum, is based on collaborative work with Instructor Samuel Lin.

Noncommutative Geometry Festival 2019

March 28 2019

Professors Jody Trout and Erik van Erp are featured speakers at this year’s Noncommutative Geometry Festival. The festival will highlight some of the most significant recent advances in noncommutative geometry and identify promising new research directions. Our own department will host NCG 2020.

Geometry activities at the National Math Festival

March 27 2019

Instructor Bjoern Muetzel and student volunteers will be leading geometric games and activities for children and visitors at the National Math Festival in Washington, D.C. this May. The festival hopes to “inspire and challenge all ages to see math in new and unexpected ways.”

Essay Contest winners announced

March 26 2019

View the winning essays in the department-sponsored 2019 Essay Contest, Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics. Edel Galgon ’22 is the undergraduate winner, and two middle school contestants won national awards.

Celebrating the end of winter

March 14 2019

Graduate students Emma Hartman and Melanie Dennis enjoy pizza, conversation, and a break from thesis-writing at the department's end-of-term party, held in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Shikhin Sethi ’19 receives 2019 Byrne prize

March 06 2019

The John J. Byrne Jr. Prize is awarded to the top Dartmouth graduating mathematics major interested in continuing mathematics at the graduate level. The award will cover Shikhin’s tuition for the first year of graduate school at Princeton University. Congratulations to Shikhin!

Combinatorics Through Guided Discovery

January 31 2019

The work of Ken Bogart (1943–2005) on an inquiry-based learning approach for undergraduate combinatorics, Combinatorics Through Guided Discovery, is now available in an interactive web version, a new print edition, and pdf.
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Instructor Muetzel presents at MoMath

December 12 2018

Geometer and John Wesley Young Research Instructor Bjoern Muetzel presents “Reach Out and Touch Space!” at MoMath's Family Fridays series. According to the museum, the series is “designed to bring families together to enjoy a diverse array of engaging mathematical activities, promoting interest and enthusiasm among kids and adults alike. The activities are designed so that all attendees, regardless of age, can participate on an equal footing.”

Verifying an anonymously posted proof of a permutation problem

November 25 2018

Former instructor Jay Pantone co-authored the paper A lower bound on the length of the shortest superpattern, which verifies a proof posted by an anonymous 4chan user in 2011. A recent Quanta article sheds some light on this mathematical problem.

Professor Voight co-authors paper challenging long-held assumption in number theory

November 16 2018

Will Kaufman ’20 receives the Francis L. Town Scientific Prize

November 16 2018

Congratulations to Will Kaufman ’20 for being selected to receive the Francis L. Town Scientific Prize for his achievement in Mathematics.

Annual Holt's Ledge hike at the department's Fall party

November 01 2018

After hiking Holt’s Ledge near the Dartmouth Skiway, the Math extended family takes a well-earned break in anticipation of dinner and good cheer at the department’s annual Fall Party.

Professor Rockmore organizes film series exploring STEM themes

November 01 2018

What’s the science and math behind these films? Professor Dan Rockmore organized the STEM @ The Nugget series to spark discussion among local school students. Colleagues from Dartmouth's departments of Computer Science, Physics, History, and Earth Sciences will bring their expertise. The films will run on Monday school holidays during this year.

Joint faculty and undergrad research published in Royal Society Open Science

November 01 2018

Math major Tucker Evans ’19 and Professor Feng Fu co-authored the paper Opinion formation on dynamic networks: identifying conditions for the emergence of partisan echo chambers, recently published in Royal Society Open Science. “I would like to express my gratitude to the college and the mathematics department in particular for their support,” says Evans. “This project has been a wonderful learning experience.”

Summer research internships in Germany

October 04 2018

Byrne scholars Anuraag Bukkuri, Megan Green, and Kyle Bensink did summer research internships at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, working in the genetic diversity, bioinformatics, and genome research groups. From left: Kyle Bensink, Anuraag Bukkuri, Bjoern Muetzel, Ben Peter, and Kay Pruefer.

Academic Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE)

September 27 2018

Professor Rosa Orellana supervised three students for eight weeks as part of the ASURE summer program at Dartmouth. The three students, all from UPR, were supported by the PR-LSAMP funded by NSF. From left: Fermin Arraiza Truust, Andres Ramos-Rodriguez, and Dylan Cruz Fonseca. Their research was in algebraic combinatorics.

Professor Elizalde receives Outstanding Mentoring and Advising award

September 20 2018

Professor Sergi Elizalde has received the Dean of the Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentoring and Advising. “I enjoy mentoring research, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, and I love teaching smart and motivated Dartmouth students who are eager to learn,” says Professor Elizalde, whose main field of research is enumerative combinatorics.
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Professor Pauls is the new director of DCAL

September 10 2018

Mathematics Professor Scott Pauls will be the new director of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL), announced Interim Provost David Kotz. 'Scott is ideally suited to carry on the important and innovative work that flourished at DCAL thanks to Lisa Baldez and the center’s talented staff,' says Kotz.

Professor Trout's research published in European Journal of Mathematics

September 07 2018

Math Professor Jody Trout co-authored the paper \(K_0\)-theory of n-potents in rings and algebras, recently published in the European Journal of Mathematics. Professor Trout’s research interests include functional analysis, operator algebras, \(K\)-theory, noncommutative geometry, and quantum theory.

Dartmouth Mathematics REU

August 17 2018

Professors Feng Fu and Anne Gelb organized the Dartmouth Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, which brought eight students from all over the United States to Dartmouth for seven weeks this summer for collaborative research on “The Mathematics of Misinformation”.

Department hosts international combinatorics conference

August 05 2018

Participants enjoy a talk during FPSAC 2018, hosted by the Math Department this summer. “Everybody who works in combinatorics anywhere in the world knows about this conference,” says Professor Sergi Elizalde, chair of the organizing committee. “Each talk is eye opening.”
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Graduate students and professor receive Selfridge Prize in Number Theory

July 30 2018

The Number Theory Foundation’s 2018 Selfridge Prize in Number Theory has been awarded to Michael Musty, Sam Schiavone, Jeroen Sijsling, and John Voight for their paper A Database of Belyi Maps. The prize is awarded to the best paper submitted to the Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS) conference proceedings.

Undergraduate poster session

July 17 2018

View our gallery of undergraduate research posters presented at this year's undergraduate poster session. Matthew Yung ’18, Hailey Jiang ’19, Ray Guo ’19, and Eva Wang ’19 authored the poster shown here, which was the first place winner in applied mathematics.

Instructor Muetzel organizes geometry exhibitions at local schools

July 12 2018

Bjoern Muetzel, a John Wesley Young Research Instructor in Mathematics, recently organized an exhibition of geometry games and puzzles at several local schools. The K-5 students learned about geometric shapes such as the platonic solids, projections, and tessellations.

Daryl DeFord PhD ’18 receives Dartmouth's Hannah Croasdale Award

June 17 2018

Congratulations to Daryl DeFord PhD ’18 as he receives Dartmouth's Hannah Croasdale Award! Daryl is currently a postdoc in the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group at MIT and Tufts.
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Professor Winkler appointed to Advisory Board for the National Museum of Mathematics

June 07 2018

Prof. Peter Winkler, the William Morrill Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, has been appointed to the Mathematics Advisory Board for National Museum of Mathematics, an award-winning museum located in Manhattan. 'The museum highlights the role of mathematics in illuminating the patterns and structures all around us. Its dynamic exhibits, gallery, and programs are designed to stimulate inquiry, spark curiosity, and reveal the wonders of mathematics,' says the museum’s website. 'The museum’s innovative exhibits will engage folks from 105 to 5 years old—and even younger.'

Sonia Kovalevsky Math Day

May 16 2018

Faculty, graduate students, and undergrads gather while hosting seventy middle and high school students at Sonia Kovalevsky Math Day, a fun-filled day of mathematics with hands-on workshops and talks for middle and high school female students and their teachers.

Graduate Student Ben Breen receives the Kenneth P. Bogart Teaching Award

May 09 2018

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Ben Breen, winner of this year's Kenneth P. Bogart Teaching Award for his dedication to and excellence in advancing the educational mission of the department. In Fall term Ben taught an accelerated version of multivariable calculus for first-year students.

Jared Duker Lichtman ’18 named Churchill Scholar

February 28 2018

Jared Duker Lichtman ’18 has received a Churchill Scholarship, which annually funds 15 American students nominated from 110 participating U.S. institutions for a year of master's-level study in a STEM field.
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Mathematical Oncology off-campus program in Tampa

February 14 2018

When not working hard at modeling cancer processes, students in our new off-campus program at the Moffitt Cancer Research Center relax by swimming with manatees. From left: Lawrence Abu-Hammour '19, Alice Hsu '19, Shannon Fee '18, and Jade Yen '19.

At the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego

January 17 2018

Anirudh Udutha ’18 and Jared Duker Lichtman ’18 join Professor Emeritus Carl Pomerance at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego. Jared and Professor Pomerance spoke in the AMS Special Session on Computational Combinatorics and Number Theory.

At the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego

January 17 2018

Dartmouth Math undergraduate students Tucker Evans '19, Jonathan Meng '18, and Herbert Ho-Chun Chang '18 (from left) are invited to present their research work with Professor Feng Fu at the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego.

AWM recognizes Professor Carolyn Gordon

November 22 2017

Professor Carolyn Gordon is a member of the inaugural class of the Association for Women in Mathematics Fellows Program. This program recognizes Professor Gordon and other mathematicians for their “unwavering commitment to promoting and supporting women in mathematics”, honoring their sustained work in support of the AWM mission.

Professor Rockmore named Associate Dean for the Sciences

August 17 2017

Prof. Dan Rockmore has been named associate dean of the sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. “It’s important for scientists and mathematicians to talk to each other on college campuses,” says Rockmore, “but we should not let that conversation become too hermetic. Our ideas need to be out in the world.”

Professor Wallace receives Dean of the Faculty Mentoring Award

July 19 2017

Professor Dorothy Wallace has received the Dean of the Faculty Mentoring Award for 2016-17. Professor Wallace has previously earned an award for Graduate Faculty Mentoring.

David Freund receives Kenneth P. Bogart Teaching Award

June 13 2017

Fourth year Ph.D. student David Freund received this year's Kenneth P. Bogart Teaching Award. The Dartmouth Mathematics Department gives this award annually to the final year graduate student who best exemplifies outstanding dedication to and excellence in advancing the educational mission of the department. Congratulations, David!

Daryl DeFord receives Dartmouth Graduate Teaching Award

June 13 2017

Fourth year Ph.D. student Daryl DeFord, pictured here coaching at NHSPE Mathcounts, received this year's Dartmouth Graduate Teaching Award. This award recognizes dedication, commitment, creativity, innovation, and overall excellence in teaching. Congratulations to Daryl!