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Undergraduate Activities
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On-campus math organizations — Dartmouth SIAM, AWM Student Chapter, Dartmouth Math Society, and Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science.

Off-campus opportunities — Study abroad, summer research opportunities.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates - Want to work with a professor on a research project? Check out the possibilities.

Directed Reading Program - This program pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to read and explore a mathematics topic or text over one term. The goal of the program is to enable undergraduate students to study mathematics at a deeper level than can be done in the classroom, to increase diversity in mathematics by involving undergraduates from various backgrounds, and to foster a supportive environment for students seeking to go into mathematics.

Undergraduate Poster Session — All undergraduates who have done research projects in pure or applied mathematics in the current academic year are invited to present a poster at the Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Poster Session. Prizes are awarded for best projects based on information in the poster.

Thayer Prize — Dartmouth College's Mathematics Prize Exam for First-Year Students.

Summer Hybrid Undergraduate Research — SHUR is an opportunity for undergraduate students to work as a group on a research project in mathematics with a computer science component, under the guidance of Dartmouth faculty.