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Information for Current and Prospective Undergraduate Students
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Course Information - Courses open to students, descriptions, web pages, time tables, etc.

First-year Students - Information about advanced placement and credit, suggested courses, and answers to many common questions of concern to prospective and first-year students.

Majors - Why major in math? Who majors in math? What kinds of jobs to math majors get? How do you sign up?

Minors - What kinds of minors are there in math? How flexible are the minors? What good is a minor in math?

Learning Outcomes - Majors and Minors

Research Opportunities - Want to work with a professor on an ongoing research project? Check out the possibilities.

Directed Reading Program - This program pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to read and explore a mathematics topic or text over one term. The goal of the program is to enable undergraduate students to study mathematics at a deeper level than can be done in the classroom, to increase diversity in mathematics by involving undergraduates from various backgrounds, and to foster a supportive environment for students seeking to go into mathematics.

Byrne Scholars Program - In honor of her late husband, insurance executive and philanthropist John J. (Jack) Byrne Jr., Dorothy Byrne of Etna, N.H., has committed $20 million to help Dartmouth attract and support the finest math students and professors. All Dartmouth applicants will be considered for this special scholarship.

Honors Program - Students can receive a degree conferred with 'Honors' or 'High Honors' by satisfying the requirements of the College's Honors Program.

Career Information - Links to online resources on math careers.

Math Organizations on Campus - Find out about the various math organizations available at Dartmouth.

Off-campus Opportunities - Study abroad, summer research opportunities.